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What Seth Rollins’ Money in the Bank win means

Seth Rollins

Yesterday at Money in the Bank Seth Rollins won the Money in the Bank briefcase which puts him in contention for the WWE world heavyweight championship. This is a huge opportunity for him that WWE at all costs must NOT waste. The Money in the Bank briefcase hasn’t exactly been known to do wonders for the wrestlers that win it however Seth Rollins doesn’t have to continue this trend.

Seth Rollins betrayed the shield earlier this month and has been followed by a wave of momentum. As a member of the shield he consistently put in great performances and managed to show everybody why he should be held in high regard and the fact that he possesses the briefcase is validation of the work that he has put in over the past 18 months. The problem is that at this point it can go very wrong for Seth Rollins.

WWE has a system in which the holder of the Money in the Bank briefcase goes on a losing streak or they lose important matches, both of which end up in the holder losing so much momentum that when they ‘cash in’ the briefcase it doesn’t mean nearly as much as it could and as a result of that they go on an unspectacular title run.

Seth Rollins is one of many wrestlers who are the future of WWE and it’s very possible that they have a solid main eventer in him and for that reason Seth Rollins must be handled with care. Seth Rollins needs to be made to look dangerous over the coming months so that when he does ‘cash in’ and win the WWE World heavyweight championship, he has a reputation befitting of a world champion and main eventer.

If WWE are unable to capitalize on Seth Rollins’ Money in the Bank victory then it will undo the 18 months that he spent in the shield and his betrayal. It would also mean that WWE loses a potential main eventer and they have already lost too many in past couple of years.

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