What types of sports franchises are available in the UK?

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Updated: Nov 12, 2020 1:48 pm

Us brits certainly love our sports. This is why sports franchises are really thriving in the UK market, so with the previous success of the sports industry, this may suggest that now might be the best time to invest in a sports franchise.

This is why today we will list the different types of sports franchises that are currently available. We hope this will give you a feel for the diversity of the sports industry in the UK.

Football clubs:

Even though many football clubs are more tailored to working with children, a football club franchise could be great for someone with the patience to work with children.

Someone who has a passion for football since it would give you the feeling to become a manager of your own football club and also make a living from it as well so if you’re a football fan you would be living the dream running a franchise in this area.

Fitness classes:

This is a very rewarding franchise because, with fitness classes, you can help people with weight loss and also make money from it.

This is also another good option since the UK is in huge need of more fitness classes services since the obesity rate is higher than ever, which again shows the huge market you get access to upon investing in a fitness classes franchise.

Gym franchises:

This is a very good franchise for anyone who has a passion for fitness or going to the gym since this allows people to run their own gym.

This is also another very popular opportunity in the UK like said above, the obesity rate is higher than ever. This is why more and more people will start joining gyms/fitness clubs in the UK.

Statistics around the sports industry in the UK:

Now you have seen a few of the diverse range of different opportunities above within the fitness industry, but now you may be wanting to see some statistics around the sports industry just to get a certain idea of the market you are planning to enter.

  • According to CareerBuilder, the sports industry in the UK is worth a staggering £23 billion British pounds and holds nearly 1 million jobs across the UK.

  • Also, the sports clubs industry is on a high since, according to Ibisworld, between the years 2015 to 2020, the sports clubs industry has seen a growth of 3%

  • The sports club industry alone is worth £14 billion British pounds.

  • According to Ibiswold, the total industry employment is 174,000 in the sports club industry.

Why invest in a sports franchise?

Now you have seen a few statistics around the sports industry, you may be wondering why invest in a franchise why not run my own independent business in the sports industry?

The only reason we recommend people to invest into franchises is because franchises have a much higher success rate than any independent business since when you invest in a fitness franchise, you receive constant training from your franchisor and advice also.

Another important factor of investing in a fitness franchise to remember is that you are not just investing in a fitness franchise.

You are also investing in a proven business model, which is very important.

These are just a few of the reasons why investing into a fitness franchise is better than taking on the stress of running your own independent business, especially if investing in a fitness franchise would be your first time running your own business.

Where to browse sports franchises for sale in the UK?

There are many places where you can browse sports franchises for sale online. They are called franchise directories.

Even though most sports franchises for sale will be hosted on franchise directories, many new franchises start generating leads from a franchise association directory since normally new franchises join a franchise association, first of all, to get advice and help and then move on to a franchise directory when they know they are ready to make their franchise expand further.

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