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What we’ve learned so far about Haye 2.0


So David Haye delivered the conclusive Knockout win he promised at the weekend. He dodged the banana skin of a comeback defeat, although in honesty De Mori was never anything but a warm up fight. Now we have seen the first installment in Haye’s second coming, what have we learnt from the weekends action…

Haye still knows how to play the game. 

The fight was never going to be an epic, in the short time we got to see what De Mori had to offer we quickly found out it wasn’t much. He was static, slow and didn’t really look worthy of sharing a ring with Haye. He lumbered around and took big shots without seeming to even try to avoid them. That said Haye did everything he could to make it an event. The ring walk was delayed until Haye was ready to leave, adjusting his gold trim shorts and gown in his changing room before slowly heading to the ring to a raucous reception from a crowd hungry for Haye to pick up where he left off three and bit years ago.

He sauntered to the ring soaking up his first big crowd in some time. He got in the ring and continued to provide all the entertainment, he went for a full lap of the ring briefly brushing by De Mori to just start the mind games. In reality he never needed anything but his fists to win this one.  Once the bell sounded he set about putting on a devastating show all be it without being given anything to really make it a fight. Haye was playing to the crowd brilliantly for every second he was in the O2 and loved every minute, and so did the crowd.

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Haye is Bigger than before…much bigger. 

Haye came in at a career high 210lbs around 16st 3lb, that’s roughly 17 pounds heavier than his previous heavyweight outings but he looked lean and has clearly been putting on muscle mass. After the fight Haye talked about this being a deliberate tactic that he and his new trainer Shane McGuigan have discussed and worked towards for this fight, and going forward. Haye 2.0 promises to be a bigger heavyweight.

After the fight he talked in the ring about being able to ‘eat loads’ and reap the rewards of increased punching power and being full of energy. He looked a little slower than previously but again this could have had a lot to with the static De Mori who’s lack of any movement meant Haye could stand in front of him and set up big punches without needing to move. We’ll see how much his speed has been affected in coming fights against better opposition.

Haye’s punch power is as devastating as ever, if not more so.

The Punch that Knocked out De Mori was an enormous punch by anybody in the world’s standards. It was not the only big punch Haye landed. His punch power looked staggering and the speed at which he dispatched his opponent, who’s big sell pre-fight was that no matter what happened he would take a lot of punishment, was a big indicator that Haye intends to carry on his big punching tactics in this second shot at a title.

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He talked of the game plan being increased weight, increased punching power and everything in this explosive bout pointed to that being the way Haye sees himself regaining the world title.

Haye is still a massive draw.

Haye sold out the O2 for a warm up fight and the crowd were eating out of his hands from start to finish and the fight lasted less than three minutes. In the world of Heavyweight boxing, where money is often the only real deciding factor in a fighters choice of opponent Haye cannot be ignored.

Haye Vs Fury, Haye Vs Joshua, Haye Vs Klitschko the Rematch, any of these fights are without doubt sell out fights, and they would sell out Wembley. This will certainly help Haye to find at least one route to the heavyweight divisions biggest prize.

Haye is back! 

While De Mori offered little by way of opposition Haye did everything he needed to in this fight. He won in devastating fashion, he sold out a huge arena, he came out of the first test of his body post surgery looking, and feeling stronger than ever, and vitally he began to stoke the flames as predicted to ensure his name is now back in the mix at the very top of the sport.

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Hearn has already been tweeting that he can’t see a way Joshua and Haye don’t meet in the future. Tyson Fury is already being asked questions on his ‘no fight with Haye under any circumstance’ stance. Haye brilliantly started the mind games saying he had put that fight out of his mind and would find another route to a title. That fight would be a ticket to print money for both fighters, and both will know it.

Whatever happens in the crazy world of Heavyweight boxing, one thing we know for sure is that Haye 2.0 will be a big player in the game.

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