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What’s next for Froch and Groves?


Unfinished Business has now become Finished Business. With a peach of right hand Carl Froch dispelled any doubt about the outcome of his epochal fight with George Groves.

Froch yet again confirmed he is the second best Super Middleweight on the planet and we are still a little uncertain of where George Groves fits at the top end of one of the more interesting weights in boxing. One thing I am certain of is that boxing and its fans are the real winners.

But where do these two pugilists go next?

Let’s take the defeated fighter first. Saint George Groves has come away from his two battles with Froch with two defeats but there are some positives to be had.

He clearly has power to mix it with even the toughest of chins. He didn’t look particularly nervous in either fight and equipped himself very well in the majority of rounds. He looked fast and sharp and even brought a bit of media presence that many others fail to.

He did of course get stopped twice, albeit once in strange circumstances, and made a rather terrible tactical mistake when leaving himself open on the ropes in the second bout.

His record against boxers current rate in the top 10 at super middleweight is now won 1 lost 2.

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To my mind he has good options against good potential opponents.

Signing with Kalle Sauerland gives him a good chance of lining up a very good European opponent and given Mikkel Kessler, Robert Stieglitz and Arthur Abraham are available he could probably fight any of these guys should he choose too.

He may take a step back and fight domestically first but he has commented post fight about his conditioning and how he feels fine. I see no reason for him to not take on a world level opponent.

Personally I think taking on someone a little lower in the pecking order, Sakio Bika perhaps, would be a good option.

He is a well-known name; it would be a genuine contest against a live opponent and would allow George to test where on the ladder he fits exactly.

Bika can bang and has mixed it with some great middleweights like Andre Ward and Joe Calzaghe. Even at this stage it is hard to gauge where exactly Groves rates.

A win against Bika would answer a lot of questions, especially about his chin and stamina given no-one has stopped the Cameroonian.

Carl Froch could be facing Julio Chavez Jnr next in Las Vegas
Carl Froch could be facing Julio Chavez Jnr next in Las Vegas

For Froch, it looks like his path is pretty much set. A Vegas fight with Julio Chavez Jnr and then back home to fight James De Gale. Carl hasn’t hid his desire to fight in the States again and a big fight with Chavez ticks almost every box.

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He would get his Vegas show, he would be fighting an opponent that is not Andre Ward, he would probably win and he could come back to England for another big domestic showdown.

The outside talk at the moment seems to be Gennady Golovkin but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. There is no way this fight is going to happen.

Froch and his camp would probably claim it is because Golovkin isn’t well-known enough but frankly I don’t think anyone knows to a certainty how good GGG is.

If he is the beast his performances seem to be indicating then I doubt Froch wants anything to do with that. Plus Eddie Hearn has already talked openly about how good Golovkin is and he seems keen to give the fighter what he wants.

If recent comments that he has as many four fights left are true then Froch has a multitude of options. I suspect Chavez Jr and DeGale would be his next two.

Assuming he wins both then it clears the way for Andre Ward and possibly a third fight with Kessler before retirement.

Either way, Carl Froch has had an incredible career and for entertainment value alone he is a supreme fighter to watch. His next two fights may be his last so treasure them as well as you can.

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Groves is ten years his junior and will more than likely come again. I am still uncertain as to how good the kid is, but he has charisma, power, and speed and didn’t freeze on the big stage.

I suspect he will be at the top of the division for a while to come and just like Froch he is fascinating to watch.

Whatever both fighters choose to do, it will be worth watching.

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