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Why Steph Curry not winning Finals MVP doesn’t impact his Legacy

For some reason, despite the long (and ever-growing) list of achievments to Steph Curry’s name, people are somehow under the impression he needs a finals MVP this series to cement his legacy as a true NBA great when in fact his position as a legend of the game was secured years ago.

3 Rings and Counting

All of us continually use championships as a measurement of a player’s success and probably more often than not, let it cloud our judgement of how good a player actually is (The Malone and Stockton duo being a prime example). The noise amongst the media as these finals approach is that it is now suddenly just not satisfactory that Curry wins the fourth title in five years Golden State have made it to the finals for him to be considered not just the greatest Point Guard of all time but one of the best ever to play in the NBA.

Even if we forget the rings and just look at some of his most notable achievements, he’s still the holder of the single season 3-Point record with 402 in that ridiculous 2015/16 season. To put that alone in perspective, James Harden playing in a D’Antoni system where he is taking almost 20 shots a game and single-handedly dictating the offence couldn’t pass 380 this season when it seemed like he was scoring 40 points at least on a nightly basis. Curry is also a 2 time MVP including being the first ever unanimous voted for the award which is an achievement that goes surprisingly untalked about when his name is put forward in all-time lists. He definitely does not need a finals MVP to secure an already legendary career, a fourth championship (provided the series against the Toronto Raptors goes as everyone thinks it will) in a fifth finals appearance, will do absolutely fine.

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Underrated Leadership

Something else a potential Finals MVP won’t prove that further shows he is an all-time great is that Curry is without a doubt the most unselfish superstar the NBA has ever seen. Could you imagine any past reigning MVP making way and giving up the position of being the main guy on their team for another all-time great in Kevin Durant? Curry’s willingness to break the mould of the alpha team leader and making way for another former MVP and form a formidable partnership going back to back too just shows what a great leader he is.

He created the culture of Golden State under the Kerr reign and his style of play with the quick ball circulation and revolutionary off ball movement which very defences have found a solution to is not just infectious throughout his Golden State teammates but also throughout the next generation of aspiring basketball players across American high schools and around the world as well. Curry’s successes not just through all he’s achieved on the court but also the influence he’s had globally has ensured his legacy is too far secured for a Finals MVP to have much of a meaning to it.

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