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Why van Gaal’s class is a cut above Mourinho


Jose Mourinho isn’t a Manchester United manager. The bad PR he brings to clubs does not fit in with United’s ethos.

The way Louis van Gaal handled himself at yesterday’s press conference, his final one before Christmas was a testament to his class, something Mourinho quite clearly lacks.

He never lost his temper, merely musing his discontent at the way the mainstream media had handled themselves in the days leading up to the press conference. He bids them farewell, a Merry Christmas and some mulled wine and a mince-pie.

Everyone knows results aren’t going well for Man United. Van Gaal will be the first to admit that. But this mindless manager merry-go-round this Christmas is just a sign of how results-crazy the Premier League is going.

Mourinho- Premier League Champion in May now unemployed this Christmas but seemingly lurking in the shadows like a ghost of Christmas-past, waiting, ready to usurp the hot seat at Old Trafford. Swansea manager Gary Monk who excelled last season, touted as one of the few young English managers with any potential, shown the door after a poor run of games.

Mourinho and van Gaal are polar opposites on the touch-line and at the press-conferences. Mourinho; hot-tempered, a sore loser. Van Gaal is nothing of the sort. He understands when things aren’t exactly going to plan, then a barrage of abuse will come from the stands, and speculation will build up on the back pages.

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The rumour-mill in its ever cyclical nature, had speculated that there had been a pre-contract agreement with Mourinho in taking over one of the most prized managerial jobs in football.

Van Gaal, obviously incensed by these rumours, took it upon himself to address the media at the press conference regarding these rumours. But unlike Mourinho, he did not throw a tantrum and blame everyone and everything else for the dip in form over on the red side of Manchester. Instead, he handled himself with an elegance that has eluded Mourinho in his stints as manager.

It is for this exact reason, no matter what comes of van Gaal and his United side this season, that Mourinho should not be the next Manchester United manager. Yes, it would provide an irresistible twist in the Premier League soap-opera, one fitting of Christmas Day in Albert Square. But, Manchester United is a team which is known world-wide for the way they handle their business, both internally and externally.

Things are slightly different in the Royal London Borough of Kensington & Chelsea, where Abramovich’s billions are the only accountable force of reason at Chelsea FC. As a club who has never kept a manager for more than three seasons, in the post petro-dollar era, it comes as no surprise that Mourinho was shown no loyalty for the magnificent season he and his players had last year.

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Mourinho is looking for a new job in England
Mourinho is looking for a new job in England

What the United board need to do now is a show of solidarity behind their manager. United are still in a transitional stage from the unbridled success they had under Sir Alex Ferguson and the board need to recognise this.

Arsenal have stuck by their man Arsene Wenger for some years now, when all looked bleak and the fans had turned on him, the board stuck by him. Now, they have their best chance to win the Premier League title in years and that boils down to stability. The worst thing Manchester United could do now is replace the valiant van Gaal with the less-than-magnanimous Mourinho.

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