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Women’s 2017 US Open Semi Final: Preview and Prediction – Stephens vs Venus

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Note: This isn’t a typical match-preview I usually do and the reason for that is on this occasion I’d rather it be more aimed to the betting and trading community who are interested in the markets for this match. I will be a little more direct and less analytical. It’s not going to be structured or neat. This is fairly rushed and a casual piece.

Sloane is an exceptional mover side-to-side and probably the best athlete in the women’s game. Her backhand is forged in steel and her ability to whip around the outside of the ball and curl forehands with power, capturing disgusting angles is effortless and second to none. Her serve is neither too shabby either and since coming back from injury she has made the semi finals of Montreal, the semi finals of Cincinnati and now here we are in the semi finals of the US Open.

Sloane certainly has the game to cause Venus a lot of trouble, especially with the courts being mud-slow this year, but one thing she doesn’t have is experience and that Venus Williams who was a finalist here 20 years ago, has in abundance. Venus never-the-less isn’t the athlete she once was. She can’t move as well and her second serve is definitely a shadow of it’s former self. She decelerates on it alot and really it can be attacked.

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With all this said it’s about who is able to perform ON THE DAY and so given the experience edge Venus obviously has over Sloane, she is probably the one that will do so, keeping her nerve better at those crux moments that make better for the scoreline.

Two Bets:

Over 21.5 or Over 22.5 games in the match at 1.90 and above
Venus Williams to wins at 1.50 and above

Two bets that I believe should win. If Venus were to lose, it would not be in straight forward fashion, so placing both of the bets together is a bright move to make.

Prediction: Venus Williams in 2 or 3 sets

(But if Sloane plays free of inhibition, we probably will see the upset)


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