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WWE Diva Emma arrested!


Very recently WWE Diva Emma, real name Tenille Dashwood was arrested in Hartford, Connecticut for a shoplifting offence and wasn’t present at this week’s edition of Monday night Raw which happened to take place in the same location.

The 25 year-old wrestler didn’t seem to be greatly affected by the situation as she was on twitter during Monday night Raw and tweeted the following: “Umm wow! I don’t even know what to say… Can hardly believe what just happened with @WWEAJLEE and @RealPaigeWWE! #RAW #WWEHartford #WWE”

It is currently unknown what steps WWE will take in order to deal with this situation, however they have issued a statement saying: “WWE is aware that Tenille Dashwood (WWE Diva Emma) was arrested for shoplifting. Ms. Dashwood is ultimately responsible for her own personal actions.”

Emma's (Tenille Dashwood's) mugshot
Emma’s (Tenille Dashwood’s) mugshot

So far Emma has been ordered by a community court to perform community service in order to dismiss the charge.

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