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WWE Fans don’t know what they want

Didn't you like him?
Didn’t you like him?

Do you remember when Randy Orton was a super over face? Do you remember when WWE fans were pushing hard for a Randy Orton heel turn? His act as a face got stale and the fans were given what they wanted when Randy Orton turned into a heel by cashing in his money in the bank briefcase on a newly crowned WWE champion in the form of Daniel Bryan.

What followed for Randy Orton in the following weeks was less than desirable, he was pushed to the top of the food chain and it seemed like WWE were listening to their fans but then all of a sudden the fans stopped caring about him.

The night after Randy Orton cashed in on Daniel Bryan he came out to a chorus of boos which is expected of a heel, however with each week that passed by the fans concern lessened rapidly as if this was something that they didn’t want to see.

It got so bad that at the Royal Rumble earlier this year in his match with John Cena the crowd started to chant ‘we want pizza’ as well as chanting for wrestlers that aren’t with the WWE. The fans reaction to Randy Orton’s heel is proof that they don’t know what they want.

A lot of WWE fans complain that the company doesn’t listen to them and the truth is that WWE are not to blame for this, they are.

The truth is that if WWE were to always listen to its fans then it would end up pushing a lot of people that the fans would lose interest in very quickly, whether they like it or not the fans are in a position where they have to like and dislike whoever Vince McMahon tells them to because he knows better than they do.

Right now the fans are behind Daniel Bryan 100% and he is the last chance WWE fans have at convincing the company that they’re competent enough to show that that they know what they want or it could be the fans being fed people like John Cena for the rest of the company’s existence.

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