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WWE Survivor Series: A Journey Through the Epic Showdowns

WWE: Survivor Series 2023 - What To Expect

The 2023 Survivor Series will be the 37th show to be hosted by the WWE. It’s an annual Survivor Series professional Wrestling pay-per-view and live-streaming event. The event has been ongoing for decades and has produced some of the best entertainment. 

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Without a doubt, wrestling is one of the most spectated sports worldwide. It also holds quite a fan base. Stay here to get a rundown of some of the most popular matches in the Survivor Series over the decades.

20-Man Tag Team Elimination Match, 1987

Here, the players were Jim Powers and Paul Roma, Tito Santana and Rick Martel, the Fabulous Rougeaus, the British Bulldogs and the Killer Bees up against the Islander, Greg Valentine and Dino Bravo, the Hart Foundation and the Bolsheviks. After 1988, the WWE stopped these 20-man tag team matches.

This match was considered one of the best tag team matches, displaying immersive talent. A match, which could have been chaotic, turned into something viewers enjoyed. The Dynamite Kid had one of the best performances, while the Bulldogs and the Hart Foundation had people on the edge of their seats as they displayed their hatred for each other.

20-Man Elimination Tag Match, 1988

The last of the 20-man elimination tag matches to be held. The players in this match were the Rockers, the Young Stallions, the Powers of Pain, the Hart Foundation and the British Bulldogs vs. The Brain Busters, Demolition, the Bolsheviks, the Rougeau Brothers and the Conquistadors. 

The match hosted some of the viewers’ favourites who went up against each other in a wrestling ring that was meant to be chaotic. It was an extremely exciting match where Gorilla Monsoon and Jesse Ventura pushed the primary strategy. The Powers of Pain were supposed to be the next Legion of Doom, but that never happened.

Rude’s Brood vs. Roddy’s Rowdies, 1989

The players in this match were the Fabulous Rougeaus, Rick Rude and Mr. Perfect, against Jimmy Snuka, Roddy Piper and the Bushwhackers. Piper’s team had a high flyer and Brawlers, while Rude’s team worked on a more technical sound. 

Rude wore tights that were airbrushed with everyone who was in the match. Piper put on quite the performance, exploding with anger during the perfect times. Mr. Perfect and Snuka also had a matchup that went back and forth.

Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels, 1992

Shawn Micheals and Bret Hart are known for their ability to bring the biggest drama to the screen. Much considered better than what happened in the famous Montreal mashup in 1997. This much built Shawn Michaels into what people know now. This match was also the first PPV event for Bret Hart as a WWE champion. Brad found himself submitting to Shawn.

Bret Hart vs Diesel, 1995

Bret Hart’s fight with Diesel proved that Brett specialises in working with big men. The match had some technical work mixed with brawling and is considered one of Brett’s favourite matches in his career. 

Bret crushed the announcer’s table and tied Diesel to a corner with a microphone table. The match is notably one of the first that featured the Spanish announcer’s table being destroyed, which was later seen in more WWE matches. Brett won the match and became a three-time WWE champion.

Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin, 1996

Undoubtedly, Bret Hart has always been a favourite in the Survivor Series. He continued his Legacy in 1996 in the Survivor Series at Madison Square Garden. This was considered a technical match that transformed Bret from just a star to a superstar. 

Austin revealed some of the rarest moves and beat Brett to the T. It was a back-and-forth match where Hart got his kidneys rattled after he was thrown into a ring post. The match undoubtedly revealed the greatness of both players.

Triple Threat Tag Elimination Match, 2002 (for WWE Tag Team Championship)

Players in this match were Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit vs. Edge and Rey Mysterio vs. Los Guerreros. The match was played on the same day as the Elimination Chamber main event. If the 

Elimination Chamber hadn’t happened, this Triple Threat Match would have stolen the show. The fast-paced match embraced fans with some of the greatest and most powerful players. It kept them glued to the ring as the players showcased great work throughout the match.

Team Alliance vs. Team WWE, 2001

The players here were The Rock, the Undertaker, Kane, Chris Jericho, and the Big Show vs. Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Booker T,  Rob Van Dam and Shane McMahon. A fantastic crowd and several potential Hall of Famers signified the match. 

The match ended with the Rock and Austin, two of the biggest rivalries known in the WWE history, having a face-off. The match ended with Kurt Angle switching sides, hitting Austin with his WWE title bel and allowing The Rock to pin him down.

Elimination Chamber Match, 2002 (for World Heavyweight Championship)

The players here were Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam, Triple H, Kane, Booker T  and Chris Jericho. This was the first-ever elimination chamber match, a highlight of the 2002 Survivor Series. 

The match was embraced with a demonic metal structure full of future Famers. This was Michael’s first match after his injury in 1998. Michaels was crowned heavyweight champion at Madison Square Garden. 

Batista vs. Undertaker, 2007 (Hell in a Cell)

The King of Classics, the Undertaker and Batista are two of the greatest in the WWE. Loved by fans, Mr. Hell in a Cell himself took out to deliver one of the best forms of performances that night. The two men had a thrilling battle, which gave Batista one of his best matches ever. 

Batista was seen taking a steel chair to the throat during this match. This is also considered a standout performance for 2007, creating one of the best memories. Batista lost his belt after being hit with a tombstone at the end of the match.

Team Cena vs. Team Authority – 2014

John Cena was accompanied by Dolph Ziggler, Big Show, Erick Rowan and Ryback to face the Seth Rollins team of Kane, Mark Henry, Luke Harper and Rusev. The match had some of the most talented men in the WWE filling the ring. 

Cena had an early elimination. This meant Ziggler was left to fight against three, with the help of Sting. They finally pinned Rollins, leading to the temporary departure of Triple H and the rest.

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