WWE Must Stop The Lazy Booking


Updated: Oct 14, 2014 7:29 pm

It was recently announced that Nikki Bella would take on Brie Bella at Hell in a Cell in a singles match that sees the loser become the winner’s ‘bitch’ in the words of Nikki Bella. Unfortunately, given the direction that the Bella twins’ feud has taken, any fan can see that this booking decision is just classic WWE.

The WWE creative team has a lot of bad habits; one of them is beginning a feud so strongly that it gets fans excited then giving up on the feud and booking it terribly after it reaches a pay-per-view.

WWE did this with CM Punk and Paul Heyman in the summer of 2013, they brought back Brock Lesnar to face CM Punk and the build up was excellent. Brock Lesnar conveniently appeared after Punk ended his partnership with Paul Heyman and he attacked Punk.

Paul Heyman added more depth to the feud when he brought up how much he’d supported CM Punk from the minute he joined WWE and it ended up with Punk and Lesnar having the match of the night at SummerSlam.

After SummerSlam the booking team decided to add Ryback to the mix and it drained all of the momentum that Punk and Heyman had built, to make things worse in an act of desperation they decided to have Punk face off against Ryback in a Hell in a Cell match which disappointed. WWE has nearly mirrored this with the Bella twins’ feud.

In the eyes of the fans, it’s safe to say that the Bella twins’ feud has failed but that’s only a small part of the problem. The real problem is that WWE are likely to repeat this booking process once again, maybe even this time next year. The booking team are so inconsistent with the booking that they tend to back themselves into a corner and this causes them to add unnecessary stipulations to unnecessary matches that end up being received badly. There’s nothing wrong with ruining a feud due to bad booking however it’s as if WWE does this for fun.

Plenty of wrestlers have suffered at the hands of the WWE booking team and this is due to the fact that the booking team has various ways of badly carrying a feud. If anything, this year has served a huge indication that the booking team needs to go back to the drawing board otherwise WWE may need to look at hiring a new booking team.

One thing that is particularly frustrating is that WWE has shown that they can make good booking decisions, however they’re always made in glimpses. It’s as if fans are given good stories only when WWE feels that they’re in order, this must stop especially WWE are looking to improve the weekly ratings that they get.


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