The US sports betting revolution

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The US has always had a difficult relationship with gambling, and prohibition has tended to win out over liberalism both at state and federal levels. Yet, in the space of a little over 18 months, the US has embraced a dramatic shift in the gambling landscape which means that Mississippi,

Real Betis New Player Signings for 2019/2020– Detailed Review

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One of Spain's most popular football clubs, Real Betis, finished 10th last season in what some of the club's managers likely considered a disappointing effort. This year, things are looking up for Betis, as several new signings bring promise. A recent deal with easyMarkets, a key trading company based in

4 Essential Horse Racing Tips for Beginners

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Are you a big horse racing fan that would like to try betting on races? In that case, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look at these five beginner-friendly tips that will help you design the right wagering strategy. Experiment with Different Bets We are sure that it is exciting

WhaleBets – Tipping service brought to another level


I am, and I have always been passionate about sports. I love almost all the games ( not you curling! ), but I am incredibly fond of football. Maybe it has to do with my football background, in the end, I was the football captain in school. For all American

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Sports betting and online casinos

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Online gambling has been constantly on the rise for the last few years. Today players can choose from a big number of online casinos where you can play the best casino games in the industry. You can choose to play casino games like video slots, slots, table games, bingo, lottery,

Where’s the Line?: Understanding Odds Changes

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In many sporting events including horse racing as well as with individual sports such as tennis, bets placed well in advance on sports betting sites can be particularly subject to changes in odds. A strained muscle or a bad showing in practice in the days leading up to the event can