Game 6 Review: Toronto Raptors win first ever NBA Title

Despite the constant heroics of Kawhi Leonard, Game 6 proved to everyone that this finals win was much more than just one of the (if not the) best players in the world dragging his team to a title. Toronto's depth

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Warriors vs Raptors Game 1 Review

Warriors vs. Raptors Game 1 Review I will be going over quarter by quarter, at the end of this article, you will see my general opinion on the game. Quarter 1: Raptors up 25-21 The Warriors looked very rusty, for 9 days off,

Horse Racing

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A Typical Life of a Racehorse

The life of a racehorse is obviously vastly different from the lives experienced by horses used for other purposes, including pleasure riding. A racehorse is usually purchased from a quality breeder with the specific purpose of horse racing in mind. Generally


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Premier League – who will go down?

The premier league relegation battle is one that is tense and fierce as at any given moment a teams situation could change resulting in a trip to the championship which is like going home after your all inclusive holiday. This


Premier League Predictions – Another City Title?

The premier league is now  arguably the best league in the world  with the Champions League winner in Liverpool and the Europa League winner in Chelsea included in a league which boasts teams such as Manchester City who finished on