The Legacy of Kobe Bryant

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Kobe Bryant's Legacy In 1996 the Charlotte Hornets selected Kobe Bryant a 6 foot 6 inch shooting guard from Lower Merion High School in Pennsylvania with the 13th pick in the NBA draft. Immediately after drafting the future Hall of Famer they traded him to the Los Angeles Lakers, one of

The Knicks fire Derek Fisher

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Before February 8, 2016, four NBA head coaches have already lost their jobs at the helm; now that number has been increased to five with the addition of Derek Fisher. Phil Jackson fired his former player from his gig as coach of the struggling New York Knicks. When Phil Jackson

Inside the Mind of the Black Mamba

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Kobe Bryant is without question one of the greatest players to have ever stepped onto the hardwood. His numerous personal and team oriented achievements leave no room for argument when discusses his legacy and his rightful place in the NBA Hall of Fame. However, with the recent controversy surrounding not only

Kevin Love: Who is the right fit?


Kevin Love has announced that he will test free agency when his contract expires after the 2014-2015 season. If the Minnesota Timberwolves choose not to trade him, he will be looking at many different suitors. Of those teams only five stick out as a good fit for him. The Boston

The Return of the Zen Master


Phil Jackson was a coach for 20 seasons; he won 11 championships and went to the finals 13 times. As a coach 15 times altogether counting his two rings as a player, a career submerged in success. We are a season away from seeing if he is going to run the

The Evolution of Kobe Bryant


This past weekend marked the 63rd NBA All-Star game. And for only the second time in the past fifteen meetings between the East and West squads, Kobe Bryant was not suited up to play (2010: sore ankle, 2014: knee). But this time around felt much different than the first (even

Greatest NBA sidekicks


When we talk about the NBA, we always talk about the marquee stars and all their accolades from MVP’s All star game selection to scoring titles. But what about the guy next to the star players who made their jobs that much easier but never got the fan fair of