Titans Stay Alive in AFC Playoff Race

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Titans Stay Alive in AFC Playoff Race With the playoffs on the line, the Tennessee Titans trailed the New York Jets 16-0 in the 2nd quarter. Everything went wrong: an interception returned for touchdown, a blocked punt, a blocked extra point, a shanked punt, a long kickoff return given up, and

New Blood: Does the NFL have a problem coaching young quarterbacks?


As the NFL playoffs continue to rumble on, the majority of football teams are already looking to the offseason, and as heads roll in front offices throughout the league (among other teams, the 49ers, Bills, and Jets are all currently without head coaches), it seems a safe assumption that certain

Harvin Shipped to NY for a conditional 6th rounder


Friday afternoon Jets fans around the nation were shocked by the news that former Minnesota Vikings and Seattle Seahawks WR Percy Harvin was coming to New York for a conditional 6th round draft pick. Harvin should be able to compliment Jets big free agent WR Eric Decker quite nicely. With

NFL Spotlight: A ‘Giant Concern?


So how concerned should the 'Big Blue' fans be this year heading towards the 2014-15 NFL regular season opener in Detroit on Monday, September 8th for the Giants? After a lackluster second pre-season outing, Giants' QB Eli Manning was quoted as saying, "We have never been a strong pre-season team, so