Roman Reigns: Finally the hero WWE wants

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Roman Reigns returned to Monday Night RAW this week, welcomed by some of the loudest pops he has received in 5 years. It wasn’t for Roman the character, it was for Joe Anoai - the person who fought and beat Leukemia into remission. After hugging family and friends Roman Reigns

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The WWE fittingly started this episode of RAW with a tribute to both Nikolai Volkoff and Brian Christopher Lawler, who both passed away on the same day in tragic circumstances. Lawler was reportedly found dead in a jail cell in Memphis after a DUI while Volkoff's cause of death is yet

Roman Reigns is starting show character progress


During Roman Reigns’ ascent to the top of the mountain, the WWE universe has been treated to some very odd personas courtesy of the WWE creative team and predictably none of these characters have gotten over. This week on raw, Reigns came to the ring and grabbed the microphone as

WWE wrestlers that should stay away from the mic


This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw was very promo heavy and as usual some promos were better than others. At one point or another, wrestlers cut promos to hype matches or rivalries however some wrestlers just aren’t gifted on the mic. WWE has a number of wrestlers that should

Roman Reigns isn’t ready for the top just yet

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According to various reports Roman Reigns is destined for the top of WWE and his career so far has served to prove that he will one day dethrone John Cena at the top; however a lot of wrestling fans must be asking themselves if that makes sense. Since the shield broke