WWE Backlash 2016: Pay-per-view Analysis and Predictions

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  WWE Backlash is scheduled to take place on Sunday, September 11, 2016 in Richmond, Virginia. It will be the first brand specific pay-per-view for WWE following the return of the brand split that took place in July 2016. The twelfth installment of the Backlash pay-per-view will create history with the

The Goat Goes Out To Pasture

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I was waiting to post my first piece until I had time to take some usable profile photos, setup my profile here and some new social media outlets, but when a piece of news like this breaks in the area I'm going to be writing in, I feel the need

RadioLab 97.1fm: Rock Bottom Radio Welcomes P.T Player To RadioLab


RadioLab 97.1fm's wrestling radio show; Rock Bottom Radio hosted by Daniel Jones welcomed its first major guest P.T Player this past Wednesday evening. P.T Player (Pete Staniforth) is an independent journalist, wrestling manager, booker and promoter and alongside his rookie “The Alpha” Anthony James (James Hines) made an appearance on RadioLab.97.1fm to

Bray Wyatt vs. The Undertaker Serves Little Purpose

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WrestleMania is getting closer and the writing seems to be on the wall. Bray Wyatt will take on the Undertaker at the show of shows, a feud between these two is an interesting situation due to the similar natures of their characters however at this point in time the feud

ROH Dealt Blow In Pursuit Of Becoming Wrestling’s Second Biggest Organisation


According to Pro Wrestling Observer editor Dave Meltzer, Ring of Honor COO Joe Koff has held formal discussions with Sinclair Broadcasting over the expansion of their budget only to be told there would be financial restrictions throughout 2015. The meeting included long serving performers the Briscoes and former ROH World Champion Adam Cole who also contributed

Roman Reigns isn’t ready for the top just yet

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According to various reports Roman Reigns is destined for the top of WWE and his career so far has served to prove that he will one day dethrone John Cena at the top; however a lot of wrestling fans must be asking themselves if that makes sense. Since the shield broke

The Wyatt Family Must Live On!


The possibility of splitting up the Wyatt Family has been talked about behind the scenes of WWE and it looks as if it could possibly be time for the trio split ways however when the stable breaks up, there’s no reason for them to completely destroyed like how the shield

One Match Sums Up WWE’s Creativity Block

El Torito

Is it just me or is the WWE getting harder and harder to watch? It seems that they are stuck in a real creativity slump. One match comes on during the 10/6/14 edition of Monday Night Raw that describes  this slump perfectly. The match I am talking about has basically already