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Top Countries for Horse Racing Around the World  

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Horse racing, often referred to as the “Sport of Kings,” has captivated enthusiasts for centuries. From the thundering hooves against the track to the suspenseful moments before a winner is declared, the excitement is palpable. While many sports might claim a global presence, horse racing truly gallops across continents, weaving itself into the culture, history, and economy of nations. 

But which countries have made a distinctive mark on the equestrian map? Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or just curious, come along with us as we explore the world’s top countries known for their rich horse racing history. 

United States: The Pinnacle of Triple Crown Glory  

The United States, with its deep-rooted equestrian history, boasts over 100 racecourses that stretch from the shimmering coasts of California to the historic towns of New York. These venues see a staggering annual attendance of more than 16 million enthusiastic spectators. 

The Kentucky Derby, often dubbed the “Run for the Roses,” alone attracts over 150,000 attendees, with a further 16.2 million watching on TV, and offers a prize purse upwards of $3 million. The Breeders’ Cup, another showcase event, often boasts a combined purse of over $30 million across its races. 

The United States is not just home to these elite events but is a nexus of breeding excellence, with Kentucky serving as the epicentre of thoroughbred lineage. Whether it’s the allure of prestigious events, top-notch breeding, or the sheer love for the sport, America indisputably stands tall in the global horse racing arena.

Japan: A Rising Sun in Equestrian Excellence

Japan’s stamp on horse racing is undeniable, with over 25 major racecourses scattered across its islands. These venues attract over 6 million spe­ctators each year, a clear indication of the sport’s immense popularity in the country. With such prominence in the racing circuit, and only a few sports (including horse racing) that are legal to bet on, it’s no surprise that many locals and international fans often turn to betting platforms like Bet365 in Japan, the world’s highest-valued gambling brand, to participate in the action. In fact, racing was the most bet-on sport in Japan in 2022, with wagers totalling 3.25 trillion Japanese yen. 

The Japan Cup, held in Tokyo, stands out as one of the country’s most prestigious events, boasting a staggering prize purse of over ¥500 million (roughly $5 million). Another iconic race, the Arima Kinen, attracts the crème de la crème of thoroughbreds and garners significant viewership. 

In recent years, Japan’s breeding programs have also gained international acclaim, producing champions that not only dominate domestically but also shine on the global stage inviting betting on the platform. In the Land of the Rising Sun, the fusion of tradition, modernity, and passion for horse racing is evident in every stride. 

United Kingdom: Where Heritage Meets Horsepower 

Horse racing has a rich history in the United Kingdom, often considered its birthplace and closely intertwine­d with the nation’s own story.  The UK is home­ to over 60 racecourses, including the picturesque grounds of Ascot and the iconic tracks of Ne­wmarket. It’s a true haven for horse­ racing enthusiasts. 

Every year, these hallowed tracks attract over 6 million attendees, with iconic events like The Grand National and The Epsom Derby leading the charge. The Grand National, a true test of endurance and skill, entices with a prize purse of over £1 million, while The Epsom Derby, a race that traces its origins back to 1780, offers a comparable reward. 

The UK isn’t just a venue for races; it’s also a bastion of breeding excellence, with pedigrees that are the stuff of legend. 

Australia: Down Under’s Racing Dynamo 

Australia’s passion for horse racing is as vast and vibrant as the continent itself. With over 300 racecourses sprinkled across its territories, from the bustling heart of Melbourne’s Flemington to the coastal stretches of Sydney’s Royal Randwick, Australia stands as a powerhouse in the equestrian world. 

Annually, these tracks draw in upwards of 8 million attendees, eager to witness the thrilling spectacle that is Australian horse racing. The Melbourne Cup, affectionately termed “The Race That Stops a Nation,” not only brings the country to a standstill but also offers a tantalizing prize purse of over AUD $8 million

Beyond this, events like The Golden Slipper and The Cox Plate further embellish Australia’s racing resume.

Germany: Precision and Pedigree on the Track

Germany, known for its engineering marvels and cultural treasures, also harbours a deep-seated admiration for the equestrian arts. Home to more than 50 racecourses, including the picturesque Baden-Baden and the historic Hoppegarten, Germany offers a delightful fusion of tradition and innovation in horse racing. 

Each year, these courses collectively draw in excess of 1 million visitors, a testament to the sport’s enduring appeal in the nation. The De­utsches Derby is a prestigious race­ in Germany that showcases the nation’s de­dication to exceptional horse racing. With a prize­ purse often surpassing €500,000, it demonstrates the high stakes and impressive­ rewards associated with this renowned event. 

But it’s not just about the races. Germany has garnered respect for its top-tier breeding programs, producing horses that command attention on the global stage. 


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