is The Title A Bridge Too far For Arsenal?


Updated: Apr 18, 2023 4:26 pm

Just as you thought Arsenal were cruising towards their first League Title, back-to-back draws from their last two games away at Liverpool and West Ham, have slightly opened the door for Manchester City. Even though the Gunners remain four points clear, Pep Guardiola’s side has a game in hand, which is next Wednesday’s game against Mikel Arteta’s side at the Etihad Stadium.

And when you drop four points from being two goals up in both games, this gives your Title rivals hope that they can overtake you if there are any more mistakes.

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The 3-1 victory at home to Leicester City means that the reigning Champions are now on a 10-match winning streak, and they can be difficult to stop when they are in this sort of form, especially with Earling Haaland having already broken the record for the number of goals in a season(47).

Last season, The Gunners were in pole position in April to cement a fourth-place finish ahead of Tottenham Hotspur, but back-to-back defeats to their North London rivals followed by Newcastle United opened the door for Antonio Conte’s side to qualify for the Champions League. You sort of feel like the same thing could happen if Arsenal doesn’t get their act together and show fight in their remaining seven games.

“There was another moment, where you can go 3-1 up after 50 minutes, and the game is probably over… then two minutes later, you concede a goal. But this is part of football. My worry is after 2-0, we made that huge mistake and didn’t understand what the game required in that moment.”

Arteta: Mirror

It’s at this stage that Arsenal now needs to realize that they are now playing seven finals and that they need to give 100% in all seven games. Manchester City and Newcastle away will probably turn out to be the decider for the Gunners in terms of their Title aspirations.

Former Mancher United full-back Gary Neville gave some words of inspiration for the Gunners, who are aiming to end their 19-year drout for a Premier League Title.

“Sir Alex Ferguson always used to say ‘if you had to win one game to win the league would you take it?’. And the answer was always yes. [If] Arsenal win at the Etihad, they’ll win the league.

Neville: Express

And there is also another saying that is ‘to be the best, you have to beat the best.’ This was an inspirational quote from former mixed martial artist Donald Cerrone.

What if Arsenal Doesn’t Win The League?

2015-16, was the last time the Gunners finished in the top four under Arsene Wenger. Last season, they were in the pole position to qualify for the Champions League, but the back-to-back defeats to Spurs and Newcastle United were the knockout blow, which put them straight into the Europa League.

But look how far they have come this season. if you had the choice between fighting for the League Title, or the top four, you would obviously choose the League because not only are you in with a chance of winning it but looking ahead to next season, you get a chance to play in the greatest club competition in the world, the UEFA Champions League.

City and Guardiola are serial winners, and they have eight Titles to show for it. Yes, Guardiola has won four of those Titles, but there have been times when they have looked uncomfortable, particularly against Spurs and United, albeit being away games, but If Arsenal can win against Southampton on Friday night, it will send a message to City, to say that “you may be the reigning Champions, but we don’t fear you, we’re coming for you. ‘

Can Arsenal hold their nerve and claim their first League Title in 19 years?

Find out on World in Sport.


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