5 Golf Tips To Nail On The Driving Range

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Updated: Feb 5, 2019 2:53 pm

Practice is always going to be the key to improving your game when it comes to golf. One of the best places to get that necessary practice in, aside from playing as many rounds as you possibly can, is at the driving range. However, what should you actually be working on when you are at the driving range? In the following article we will look at five great tips that will help you nail and improve your skills when using the driving range to get the most out of that practice time.

There are two different ways you can approach the driving range, by having either all-around sessions or focused sessions. All-around sessions focus on each club in your collection for 15 to 20 shots. Whereas focused sessions involved the repetition of one shot or using a single club for as many as 100 swings. This will give you the chance to feel more comfortable using each club. The tips below are with an all-around practice session in mind.

Never Forget to Stretch

This is something that a lot of people forget all about – to the detriment of their physical well-being and golfing ability. As golf is a physical activity, it is important that you take the appropriate measures to prepare your body for the assault you are about to give it. Many newbies to golf don’t realise just how involved your muscles are in playing the game, but if you want to improve your game, lower your scores and get the most out of driving ranges, you need to take stretching seriously.

It’s crucial to get all loose before you start swinging your club to prevent any injuries from occurring. Stretch your arms, shoulders and legs and then take some practice swings with one of your high-lofted clubs to make sure you properly warm up all your muscles.

Avoid Rushing Shots

Rather than treating it like a free-for-all, you should spend the same amount of time on each shot you take at the driving range as you would when playing a round. Treat every shot like it counts. It is far better to be concentrated fully on 40 to 50 shots than just rapidly firing off 100 shots that you gave next to no consideration to. As long as you are not holding up anyone else, if you have a driving range spot to yourself, make the most of the time and really put your all into each shot. By thinking about the shot, taking a considered approach, you will be more likely to effectively improve your shots with each subsequent swing you take.

Work Through Your Irons From The Highs to the Lows

Begin your session at the driving range with your 9-iron and then move down through the sizes. By naturally progressing through them you will have an easier time moving from lighter swings to the stronger ones. Particularly those lower sized irons and woods. Think of it as a way to ease yourself into the tougher clubs, and an extension of the stretching and warming up we mentioned further up.

Always Try to Aim for Specific Yard Markers and Targets

Rather than just hitting it anywhere, to work on the precision and control of your swings, it is best to again, as we said further up the page, treat it like an actual round. Pick a target and aim for that when swinging those shots.

Play Through Games Against Yourself

Once you have swung with each of the clubs in your bag, you should try running through plays against yourself. Simulate holes and swing your driver. You can even replicate actual holes, by taking an approach show of 130 to 150 yards, and then following through wby hitting a shorter distance of 30 to 50 yards using a wedge.

If you are interested in learning further ways to improve any aspect of your game, Rob Green at HittingTheGreen.com may have the answers you are looking for.


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