Alpine Plans Major Upgrades and Sets Sights on Recovery in Championship Standings

Alpine’s Formula 1 team boss, Otmar Szafnauer, has revealed plans for a “significant” upgrade package to be implemented before the summer break. The team aims to introduce a new floor at Spa as part of their ongoing efforts to improve their performance and regain ground in the constructors’ championship.

Despite a strong showing in Monaco, where they secured a third-place finish, Alpine has faced challenges in recent races. Although a new front wing introduced at the British Grand Prix showed promise, the team struggled in the last two events, with their cars running towards the bottom of the top 10. Complications such as Esteban Ocon’s hydraulic pump failure and Pierre Gasly’s retirement due to suspension damage after a collision further hindered their progress.

As a result, Alpine currently occupies the sixth position in the championship standings, trailing behind McLaren. However, the team remains optimistic about their prospects, hoping that the upcoming upgrades, including the optimized front wing and the new floor set to debut in Belgium, will contribute to their resurgence in the championship. In addition, Alpine aims to continue introducing new parts throughout the remaining races to bolster their performance on the track.

Alpine’s current position in the championship is sixth, having slipped behind McLaren in the standings after their magical performance at Silverstone.

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The team is hopeful that the new front wing will be fine-tuned as they introduce more components in the next two events, particularly the floor upgrade planned for the Spa race in Belgium.

“Our upgrades have been successful this year, and we have another significant one coming before the break,” stated Szafnauer during the Team Principals Press Conference. “I believe it will make a difference as the relative competitiveness can swing. So, I’m excited about our upcoming upgrade.”

He further explained the upgrade timeline, mentioning a smaller upgrade in Hungary and the floor upgrade in Spa. Combining all the enhancements, Szafnauer expressed confidence in their performance: “When you add everything up, it’s all incremental, and I think we will perform well.”

Szafnauer also emphasized that the team still has room within the cost cap to introduce new parts throughout the upcoming months. However, they need to carefully consider the aerodynamic testing restrictions and the potential compromises between the ’24 and ’23 cars

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