Bragging Ian Garry – The New McGregor?

Ian Garry

‘I am inevitable,’ says latest Irish UFC star, Ian Garry, after dream debut at Madison Square Garden

Ian Garry, the 23-year-old welterweight from Dublin, Ireland, nicknamed, ‘The Future,’ had a stuff-of-dreams debut on the UFC 268 bill at Madison Square Garden on Sunday evening, dispatching opponent, Jordan Williams, in the first round with a lightning fast, right hook worthy of his hero, Conor McGregor.

Indeed, McGregor sat up and took notice, peppering Garry’s social media with laudatory comments and recorded messages extolling the virtues of a finish that went viral on the internet within seconds of the bout being waved off and Garry’s arm held aloft by the referee, Mike Beltran.

The step back, back paw an all ahahahaja just absolutely incredible!” said McGregor, who predicts big things for his compatriot, suggesting that ‘The Future’ is part of ‘Takeover Two’ of UFC by the Irish fighting fraternity.

“The takeover part two, I love it. “What other Irish fighters are out there on this globe that are going to join us on this takeover party?

It is too early to say whether Ian Garry is the next big thing in the dog-eat-dog world of UFC where promise and reputation can be ruined in seconds. But like his inspiration, ‘Notorious’, he certainly doesn’t lack confidence. Entering the ring to ‘Are you mine? by the Arctic Monkeys, he came, he saw, he conquered, and was done and dusted inside 4.05 of round 1 against his older and more experienced opponent to make a real statement here in New York City‘s fighting arena.

Truth be told, it was a shaky start for the Irishman, who admitted later to feeling a little overwhelmed with the occasion, as Williams, who tried to pressure and smother the younger fighter from the opening bell, tagged him twice. But just as Williams felt he was getting some joy, his night was over. With ten seconds remaining in the round, former Cage Warriors champ, Garry settled into the fight and found his range and rhythm.

It started with a high kick which troubled Williams, who tried lunging in with an attempted hook in response. Garry saw his chance, took a quick step back, slipped the punch, and landed an explosive right hand and two follow-ups flush on the money. Williams hit the octagon floor out cold and Ian Garry had his dream debut.

In the post-fight interview with Adam Catterall of BT Sport, the charismatic Irishman, resplendent in his trademark, ‘fine ass’ brocade suit, launched into a Karaoke version of Ini Kamoze’s, ‘Here Comes the Hotstepper.‘ ending with an infectious laugh and a smile as wide as the River Liffey itself.

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As the interview wound down, Garry took off his jacket to reveal the back panel of his waistcoat which has his ring name, ‘The future’, in flamboyant script surrounded by hundreds of words etched in purple: ‘obsessive’, ‘possessive’, ‘uncoachable’, ‘ego’, ‘disruptive’ and many more – all words that have been used at various times to describe him on his journey so far.

“I’ve always said all I have to do to win the fight is show up. I am the future; I am inevitable; I have a massive ego, I am obsessive about whatever I do, but I’m not stupid. I know I have things to work on, I have a lot to learn and grow on. But I’m in the right gym to do that and look forward to getting back to Florida soon.

Garry refused to call out any future opponents, preferring instead to keep things in the here and now.

“I am just going to relax and soak it all in now. Listen, I’ve had a career in the last year. We’ve been on a whirlwind. And I hope y’all enjoyed it.

“I’ll be back next year with 2 or 3 fights. I won’t forget to deliver every time. It’s going to happen every single time. Like that. Better and better. I’ve got big plans.”

UFC Welterweight division, you have been warned. There is a new Irish star in town, and he’s looking to take over.

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