Cavaliers vs. Celtics Game 7 Analysis

Cavs Vs Celtics

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” It sure is, as both NBA conference finals are heading to game 7.

The Cavaliers will be facing off the Celtics in TD Garden. The game is up for grabs, as both team have their flaws. Today I will be giving an analysis of the Cavs vs. Celtics game.

To start of the Game 7 frenzy, the Cavaliers will take on the Celtics on Sunday at 8:30 pm. The Celtics, undefeated at home in the playoffs, will be hosting the Cavaliers. The Cavaliers will be down a key player in their lineup, Kevin Love. At the same time, the Cavs are bringing a game 7 type of Lebron. The Cavaliers bench has been struggling throughout the playoffs, but they really hit it of in-game 6. JR. Smith a key player to the team needs to have a good performance in Game 7.

At the same time, Kyle Korver, Larry Nance Jr, George Hill, and Jeff Green, need to carry their momentum into Game 7. The Celtics will be coming home with a speedy, young core. However, veterans on the Celtics, such as Al Horford, or Glen Monroe, have not been stepping up in the last couple of games. The Celtics will need their veterans to help them get to the NBA Finals. The Celtics young has to be prepared, for what will be a very physical game.

Prediction: The Celtics are a great team. However, the Cavs are better in a game 7 scenario. Let’s not forget the Cavs flew by the Raptors. Jason Tatum was not great in-game 6, after colliding heads with Kevin Love. Meanwhile, the Cavs bench went off. The Cavs will really need support from the bench, as LeBron may be “gassed”. It will be a very physical game, as it will be entertaining. In the end, the Cavs will win. LeBron is unstoppable in do or die situations. The Celtics are young and will probably struggle.

Only the game will tell. Enjoy greatness!

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