Max Verstappen Displays Wonder Performance In The Spanish Grand Prix

Max Verstappen Displays Wonder Performance In The Spanish Grand Prix

After a rather unfulfilling 66 laps of racing the Spanish Grand Prix is over, this years race was a race based on strategic decisions rather then racing accidents which more often then not provides a more entertaining race for the viewers.

Throughout the 66 Laps not a single yellow flag occurred and the only bit of damage we saw came from Lando Norris in Lap 1. Apart from that, no other contact was made and the race from there on consisted of moments of hard racing as well as strategy playing a huge part with all the teams having to at least pit twice.

After a rather unorthodox grid which was formed via chaotic weather impacted qualifying, people had high hopes for an entertaining race on Sunday. With the threat of rain constantly lurking around the corner it meant all the fans were on the edge of their seats waiting for the rain to arrive.

Our prayers had been answered when George Russell had gone on the radio claiming it was raining at Turn 5, but to our disappointment, a couple of laps later our hopes of having a wet race were diminished as he’d gone on the radio again confirming to his engineer that it was sweat going on to the visor that gave him the false impression of rain.

Domination To The Max

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Max Verstappen completed the ultimate domination you can achieve in Formula 1, with a dominant car and himself being inform, it meant nothing would stop him from taking the checked flag first.

After a close side by side start with Carlos Sainz, he would go on to create a gap that would constantly evolve, meaning he was able to have full control of the race and end up leading every lap. The only threat he experienced throughout was a penalty regarding track limits. He didn’t end up receiving one as he’d only breached track limits 3 times, but even if he had received a 5 second time penalty, it wouldn’t have affected anything as he would go on to win by a margin of 24 seconds.

Due to his consistency he showed through the race week, he achieved P1 in all the free practices, qualified on pole, led all laps of the race and achieved fastest lap, therefore achieving his 3rd “Grand Slam” of his career.

A Hatrick of wins in his last 3 races as he now hopes to continue his winning streak when we travel to Canada in two weeks time!

McLaren Heartbreak

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Lando Norris had a superb qualifying claiming P3, McLaren’s highest qualifying position that they’ve achieved this season. In the post quail and pre-race interviews, he often said that he wasn’t hoping for a podium in the race and just wanted to achieve points.

Unfortunately for the Brit, his hopes of points would be ruined in Lap 1 as he made contact with Lewis’ left rear, resulting in wing damage and being at the back of the grid, it wouldn’t get much better for him as he would only go on to finish 17th and his teammate would finish P13.

After the race, Lando admitted that even if he didn’t receive the damage at the beginning, they most likely wouldn’t have scored points as they simply had so little pace in comparison to the other teams around them.

Another disappointing weekend for McLaren who one minute show that they have brilliant pace, and the next minute they struggle to reach the Top 10. They have secured 17 points so far this season and look to be fighting for P6 in the constructors.

If they were to consistently fight towards the upper end of the grid they would have to end up brining some significant upgrades in order to bring some consistent results and fight towards the higher end of the grid, easier said then done as it is becoming apparent that they don’t seem to have the facilities to bring in those upgrades that they need.

Perhaps McLaren will receive some good fortune in the upcoming races and score some points, but without fortune they might struggle achieving points.

A Weekend To Forget For The Reds

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Ferrari yet again had another week to forget as they would end up finishing P5 and P11, scoring 10 points only.

Charles Leclerc struggled all weekend as his disastrous Saturday saw him qualify P19, which would lead to a pit-lane start as Ferrari would undergo changes after Qualifying.

Meanwhile Sainz qualified P2 on Saturday in-front of his home crowd but wouldn’t be able to retain it as Ferrari’s questionable strategy saw them finish behind Mercedes, as well as both Red Bull’s, despite Sergio Perez starting P11 and George Russell starting P12.

Serious questions need to be raised about Ferrari as even though they changed the team leader as well as many other significant characters within their team, they haven’t found performance and seem to be falling away further and further each race. They had a woeful result in Monaco and now they’ve had a shocking result in Spain.

Scoring 10 points this weekend means Ferrari now stand P4 in the Constructors Championship on 100 points, meanwhile Aston Martin sit P3 on 134, and Mercedes have caught up and now sit P2 on 152 points.

Each race week Ferrari appear to be dropping out of this race to secure P2 in the Championship and if it continues this way, they will be in for a long challenging season.

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