Mercedes publish open letter to fans amidst Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari rumours

Following a turbulent start to their Formula One season, the Silver Arrows have responded to rumours linking their number one driver to rivals Ferrari.

Mercedes have published an open letter to their fans following a disappointing season opener in the Bahrain Grand Prix. The race saw Lewis Hamilton finish P5 and George Russell finish two places back in P7.

Their performance was so poor that they were outshone by their customer team Aston Martin who looks to be Red Bull’s nearest competition.

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Due to this, the seven-time World Champion was not impressed, revealing that Mercedes didn’t listen to him during the car development stage.

Hamilton’s rumoured departure is based on the belief he is desperate to win an eighth world championship before he retires.

Sky Sport’s Simon Lazenby said, “How can you rule out a move to Ferrari if [Mercedes] stay like this?”

“He’s so desperate, so desperate for that eighth [championship], that if Ferrari did manage to stay on the coattails and they were the nearest to Red Bull.

“He’s not put his pen to paper yet on his contract. He’s definitely waiting to see how this year’s car felt.”

The letter addresses the position the team currently find themselves in, emphasising they will not panic or make any knee-jerk reactions.

Instead, they insist they will work urgently and surely to build their recovery plan, focussing on what is needed to build short and long-term success.

“In a spotlight as fierce as F1, people are quick to point fingers or look for scapegoats. But you know us better than that,” the letter writes.

“Inside the team, we talk about having the courage to fail, the character to be accountable and the strength to see failure as an opportunity. We have been open and searingly honest about where we find ourselves.

“We are working urgently and calmly to build our recovery plan, focusing on what needs to happen short-term, medium-term, and long-term to win.

“We already have developments in the pipeline for the next races – and there will be more to come. But this won’t be the work of a moment.”

The team add that they must keep their heads raised and use this poor start as a learning experience, “We will keep our heads held high – and take this journey step by step, together. We are Mercedes,” .

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