Ten Great Super Bowl Matches

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Updated: Feb 4, 2018 2:45 pm

With the 52nd Super Bowl being played in Minnesota on 5th February 2018, between New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles. I decided to compile what I thought were ten of the best Super Bowls; the matches are not in any particular order.

Super Bowl twenty five, played at Tampa Stadium, Tampa, Florida on 27th January 1991, between New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills. The Giants quarterback displayed immense skill and tenacity, enabling the Giants to control the ball for 40 minutes, scoring a touchdown before half time.

The Giants commenced the third quarter with the ball, and skilfully moved the ball down field for a touchdown, taking ten minutes. Like a good team, the Bills scored a touchdown on their first play of the fourth quarter. The Giants worked their offensive team down the ground into field-goal range, Matt Bahr the Giants kicker converted the field-goal, to give the Giants the lead.

Kelly the Bills quarterback, drove the Bills to within field-goal range, their kicker Norwood confidently kicked the ball; but to the relief of Giants fans the ball went right and wide. An interesting fact from the match is, that for a high intensity game, neither side recorded a turnover.

Final Scores: Giants 20 to Buffalo Bills 19.

The game between the Baltimore Colts and New York Jets, played at the Orange Bowl, Florida, in February 1969; was the first time the term “Super Bowl” was used.

The third Championship game, also proved that the American Football League team, New York Jets were legitimate teams in the competition and belonged in the competition.

Final Scores: New York Jets 16 to Baltimore Colts 7.

Super Bowl 51, between New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, played in Houston. This match showed why Tom Brady would be recognised as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of Super Bowls.

New England were trailing by twenty five points, early in the game; but Brady’s coolness and skill, allowed New England to amount a great comeback.

Brady threw 466 yards, which gave New England an improbable win. The win for New England, created history, with their coach Belichick and Brady both winning their fifth championship rings.

Final Scores: New England Patriots 34 to Atlanta Falcons 26.

The New York Giants in Super Bowl 42, played at The University of Phoenix Stadium, Arizona against New England. New England were hoping to complete an unbeaten season, they had already won eighteen straight.

With 2:40 left on the game clock, New England led 14 to 10. Manning the New York quarterback, threw caution to the wind, and marched his team down the field, he threw the match winning pass with thirty seconds left and thanks to the receivers helmet the pass was completed. New York’s defensive team was able to run down the last thirty seconds on the clock.

Final Scores: New York Giants 17 to New England Patriots 14.

The Super Bowl between New England Patriots and the Seattle Seahawks, played at the University of Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, Arizona. This was the second time this particular Stadium had held the Super Bowl. Tom Brady the New England quarter had limited influence in the second half of the game.

The game is remembered most for what might be described as the worst decision in Super Bowl history, whether it was the coaching staff call or the Seattle’s quarterback call, we do not know.

But with Seattle on the one yard line of New England’s defence, instead of running the yard, they decided to throw for a touchdown pass; the pass was intercepted by Malcolm Butler, of the New England defensive team.

Final Scores: New England 28 to Seattle Seahawks 24.

Super Bowl thirteen between Pittsburgh and the Dallas Cowboys, who over the previous years had created an intense rivalry. The match was played at the Orange Bowl in Miami on 20th January 1979, this was the fifth time the ultimate match had been played at the Orange Bowl.

Pittsburgh had beaten the Cowboys in championship game ten; both teams were trying to be the first club to win three Super Bowls. Terry Bradshaw the Pittsburgh quarterback completed more than half of his passes, throwing 318 yards and four touchdown passes.

The game was decided in a nineteen second period where Pittsburgh scored two touchdowns; but Dallas
did not help themselves with a number of turnovers.

Dallas became the first defending champion team to lose the Super Bowl.

Final Scores: Pittsburgh 35 to Dallas Cowboys 31.

Super Bowl thirty eight between the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots, was played in Houston, Texas on 1st February 2004. Carolina were appearing in their first Super Bowl. It was a strange match, in the fact that in the first and third quarters neither team could score; whereas in the second and last quarters it was a scoring feast.

The total yardage thrown by both teams was 868 yards and 61 points scored.

New England kicker Adam Vinatieri, completed a 41 yard field-goal with four seconds on the game clock.

Final Scores: New England Patriots 32 to Carolina Panthers 29.

Super Bowl thirty two, between the Green Bay Packers and the Denver Broncos, played at Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, California. This became Denver’s first championship, after they had lost their previous four attempts.

Green Bay were entering the championship game as defending champions.
It was a tight close match all day; the match became very defensive in the second half, but Green Bay managed to draw level with about thirteen minutes left.

The Broncos broke the defensive match with just over a minute left on the game clock, with Davis the New England running back completed the match winning touchdown pass.

Final Scores: Denver Broncos 31 to Green bay Packers 24.

Super Bowl thirty three was played on the 31st January 1999, in Miami, between the Denver Broncos and Atlanta Falcons. With the aid of the Broncos quarterback, Elway, who threw a 80 yard touchdown pass, enabled Denver to 17 consecutive points to build an unassailable lead in the second quarter.

Denver were defending champions and Atlanta were appearing in their first Super Bowl.

Final Scores: Denver Broncos 34 to Atlanta Falcons 19.

Super Bowl thirty four, played between the Tennessee Titans and the St. Louis Rams at Georgia Dome, Atlanta on 30th January 2000. This was the Rams second championship match.

The first half was a very defensive game; though the Rams had gained more yards in offense than the Titans, they only had a slight lead at half time.

St. Louis Rams scored their first touchdown in the third quarter. After that the Titans went on a scoring spree, to score 16 consecutive points to level the game with 2:12 left on the game clock.

The Rams quarterback threw a 73 yard touchdown pass, to regain the lead; the Titans were able to reach the Rams ten yard line. But on the final play the Titans receiver was grabbed vice like by the Rams defensive team, to end the game.

Final Scores: St. Louis Rams 23 to Tennessee Titans 16.


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