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The top NHL players of 2023


When it comes to the thrills provided by the NHL, there are some seriously outstanding players to enjoy. Fans enjoy season after season with new stars on the up, as well as witnessing the performances of those who are already legends. This year is no different, and 2023 has allowed fans to take in some truly exceptional performances.

As you read on, we’re going to be taking in the expert opinion provided by no other than the great Brett Hull. We’re then going to consider the three players that we feel achieve top marks for a simply stunning season. We’d love to hear if you agree.

The views of Brett Hull and the best NHL players of 2023

When it comes to NHL betting, there’s always more confidence in placing a wager, when you know that your team features some of the best players around. While fans will always have their own opinions, it’s great to hear from experts such as Brett Hull. Here’s what he’s had to say: “Robertson for the Dallas Stars is having a year. You can’t say enough about those two guys in Edmonton, Draisaitl and McDavid”.

As a playing legend himself, as well as an inductee in the Hall of Fame, there’s no denying that Hull’s opinion needs to be noted. That being said, here’s our take on the top three players in the NHL during 2023.

Top three NHL players 2023

Let’s take a look at the players that we think have made the grade:

⦁ Connor McDavid

Born: Richmond Hills, Canada
Team: Edmonton Oilers
Position: Center

It may come as no surprise that our first pick matches the name mentioned by Hull. That’s because there’s no escaping the fact that McDavid has been one of the greatest NHL players for the last 20 years. As time goes on, this is a player who only seems to improve, and he shows no signs of slowing down.

McDavid’s worth lies in the fact that he’s the full package. He can dominate a game on the offensive but equally act as one of the best defenders ever seen.

⦁ Leon Draisaitl

Born: Cologne, Germany
Team: Edmonton Oilers
Position: Forward

A second match with the opinion of Hull. The presence of both Draisaitl and McDavid means that Edmonton is a truly blessed team! Draisaitl is an offensive superstar. You can be sure that he’ll always be up there with the best of them when it comes to goal-scoring. He has taken extra steps to become more rounded and also gives a stellar performance in defence.

⦁ Nathan MacKinnon

Born: Halifax Regional Municipality, Canada
Team: Colorado Avalanche
Position: Centre

Breaking away from the thoughts of Hull, MacKinnon makes it to third on our list. While he may be in the latter stages of his career, he has been pivotal when it comes to the success of his team and played a major part in the Stanley Cup victory of 2022. He has proven himself equally effective up front and in defence and is a player that any team would be grateful for.

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