Andy Murray is Finally Number One

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Updated: Nov 22, 2016 8:53 am

Tennis fans will always remember the breathtaking moment back in the 2012 London Olympics where Great Britain star Andy Murray defeated the legendary Roger Federer in three sets.  Ever since then I have grown an immense amount of respect for the guy.  It was extra special to see him win despite the enormous pressure weighing down on him from his home country of Great Britain.  He basically became an English hero.

In the same year where he won the Olympics, it was especially special to see him complete that special feat considering the fact that he lost in a heartbreaker to Federer in Wimbledon. It was nice to see him get another crack at arguably one of the greatest athletes to play the game.

The aspect of Murray’s game that many will criticize him about is, his many temper tantrums that he goes through in each match. Although this could be a problem, after watching him multiple times in major matches, I can tell that it is more of a momentum boost than anything else.  People also need to realize that this aspect of his game has ballooned him to number one in the world.

In the ATP men’s tour, we have seen Novak Djokovic dominate the sport of tennis for so long now.  With a career record of 747-154, and 12 career Grand Slam titles under his belt, I guess you can see why he has been number one for so long.  But after Murray’s win over Djokovic on Sunday in two sets at the Barclays ATP Tour Finals, Murray has taken the throne finally.

Now, Murray has always flirted with the top two to four spots, but he was never able to taste that number one ranking.  I still always remember growing fond of watching him because of how much heart he puts into the game of tennis.  He is probably one of the hardest working players out there right now, so seeing him in this position is quite pleasing.

With a singles record of 73-9 this year, as well as eight singles titles one of them being Wimbledon, it’s no wonder that he is getting the respect that he rightfully deserves.  And don’t worry, he won’t give it up with ease.  In a sport where he has always been the underdog behind Federer, Djokovic, and Rafael Nadal, Murray will still be out for blood when he goes up against anybody.

It’s an honor to talk about such an impactful athlete who has meant so much more to the game of tennis than people think.  His perseverance throughout his career is something that many aspiring kids can look up to, not just in the context of sport, but also in the context of life.  So, congratulations Andy Murray, your hard work has payed off.  You are now number one.


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