Detroit Tigers are a good team? 4 home runs in 5 at bats?

detroit tigers

Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are 7-5 so far in the 2020 season. They are on pace to finish 35-25 which was the highest record being projected for any team this season. They have scored 28 runs in the past two games, which is a crazy number for any team. Now, these 28 runs were against the Pirates who aren’t a great team, with their record being at 3-12. Granted the Pirates have had to play the Cubs. Twins, Cardinals and the Brewers. All 4 of these teams are possible playoff teams this year and should have all been playoff teams last year (Only the Cubs didn’t make it last year).

Detroit Tigers home run barrage

The Detroit Tigers finished last season dead-last in the MLB standings. They only had a .333 winning percentage and won 47 games out of 162. They were statistically the worst team in MLB last year. They play in a tough division, with the top two teams being the 101 win Twins and the 93 win Indians They were 53.5 wins behind 1st place.

Tigers fans should be very happy with the start of this season, it is a very encouraging sight to see. A 7-5 record for a team who finished last in the league last year is exciting. 28 runs in the past two games are exciting. Out of 27 players who have 4 or more home runs in the entire league, 3 of them are members of the Tigers.

After scoring 17 runs in an extra-innings game last night, the Tigers got out to a quick start this afternoon by hitting 4 home runs before recording an out. The first 5 batters in the Tigers lineup came home before the first out was recorded. Niko Goodrum led off with a home run to left field. Johnathan Schoop then reached base and was driven in by a Miguel Cabrera. C.J. Cron and Jeimer Candelario both hit home runs back-to-back with Miggy.

Miami Marlins unreal start

The Tigers are not the only team who has been shocking the world in the MLB recently. The Marlins are 7-2, they have played fewer games than any other team because of corona virus-positive tests. They have a .778 winning percentage and have been surprisingly good. None of the numbers from any MLB player on the Marlins sticks out as all-star level numbers. Although all of the average personal statistics are contributing to them winning the games. Brian Anderson is batting .300 in 30 at-bats and has 2 homers with 9 runs batted in. He also has 5 runs on 9 hits.

Marlins have an unreal start to the season

Baltimore Orioles exceeding

One final team that has been surprisingly good this year is the Baltimore Orioles. The Orioles ended last year with a record of 54-108. This was the 2nd worst record in the league. There best player and perennial all-star, Trey Mancini was unfortunately diagnosed with Colon cancer. We all hope he gets well soon, we hope he can get back to the job he loves and puts so much passion into. The Orioles had started this year 7-7, which came completely out of the blue. The Orioles would be 7-3 if the aforementioned Marlins hadn’t just completed a 4 game sweep of them.

The Orioles were not expected to be this good, especially considering Trey Mancini is not going to play this year. He played phenomenally last year and was close to being an American league all-star. They really could have used his bat in the lineup this year and is an above-average defender. It looks like they might not need him in the lineup, but he can definitely help, and they will benefit off him extensively.

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