A man with inspirations and aspirations for playing, watching, analysing and writing everything “sports”. A state level swimmer, a die hard football analyst and as well as a fan (not going to say any of my favourites lol). I have been watching WWE from 13 years and clearly say that it has made every deal of great impact in developing my overall character and aspirations. I am more of analyst than a reporter and write mostly about tactics, reviews and my viewpoints on the matches and shows ! I hope you’ll find it informative and enjoyable Stay motivated

The 5-2-1-2: an idea gone negative

Well the attitude, the hardwork and the passion is the most important things for a football team to reach its glory moment but….. The tactical side also plays an important, if not the most important role whether it is the good old 2-3-5 or the modern 4-3-3 (2) formations. Hey...
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