Bleeding needs to stop, Wizards mailbag #1

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The Washington Wizards are coming off of a bad blowout loss to the Dallas Mavericks 119-100. How do you stop the bleeding? I asked you guys for questions following last night’s loss and this is what you asked me.

What trade do you make to stop the bleeding?

Do you stop the bleeding through trade?

In my opinion, you make a move with the bench. I have said countless times that I would never blow the team up unless Ernie was to get fired. I would look at trying to move some of the players that hit the free agent market this summer. Someone like Keef, Sato, Jason Smith, etc and I would try to get back first-round picks or players that are contracted for a couple more years. Someone like Kyle Korver would be a great fit for the second unit as the Wizards lack shooters off the bench.

You also mention what I would do if the worst does happen. If the Wizards do keep playing at this sluggish pace and there is a very slim chance at the playoffs, then you consider blowing it up. I think moving Bradley Beal becomes a legit possibility as Wall and Porter are on very high contracts which means that it will be tough to move both of them. Wall could get flipped for a couple picks or a package of young blood but Otto is the tough one. You might be stuck with him unless you are trading him for Jimmy and Gorgui Dieng’s contract. However, Gorgui has been efficient so it may not look as bad of a contract as people say it is.

Is it time for a permanent change in the starting 5?

Is a change in the rotation necessary?

Yes. Definitely. However, only one of those two players should make the rotation full time. If it was up to me, Kelly Oubre would become a full time starter over Otto Porter. I know, Otto Porter gets paid a lot of money but if you are looking at trying to win basketball games, Oubre is your guy. Otto is a very one-dimensional player and Oubre can give you effort, defense, and fearlessness. Many Wizards fans do not like Oubre as he makes a lot of mistakes but I would rather see someone try rather than stand in the corner. I seriously hope Scott Brooks takes effort into consideration when he plans for Orlando.

As for Jeff Green, I would rotate him in and out. I do not see him as a full time starter but it would not hurt seeing him get time over Markieff. Dwight is back so he will be the starting center but I have not been impressed with Morris so far. Green provides defense and rebounding which is something the starting five is lacking. A defender on the perimeter does not hurt either. This is probably the best way to stop the bleeding.

Is a Jimmy Butler move still possible?

Hey Trey. I just wondered if Jimmy Butler was still a possibility. Feel like no one has talked about him and with Minnesota not performing up to expectations, can they pull it off? I know DC is not an attractive destination but still.



Oh, it is still possible. I just think that with Minnesota keeping him into the season, Jimmy stays put. If he were to go anywhere, it would have been the Heat. A nice trade package that included Josh Richardson and Kelly Olynyk probably would have been enough. As we are on the subject, let’s fantasize and see what the Wizards could do.

They could obviously trade Otto Porter. However, what if the Wizards threw in Markieff Morris, Jason Smith, and Tomas Satoransky instead? You could swap Sato or Smith for Oubre but still, it works. Minnesota makes no long-term financial commitments and Washington gets an All-Star to pair with Wall and Beal. Sure, Butler could kill the locker room but he could also help it. The Wizards adding Dwight Howard was a stretch so why not make it all or nothing with Jimmy?

Realistically, Washington is never making this move. Ernie Grunfeld has never had the guts to put a package together for a talented asset and still doesn’t. I wondered about a possible Kevin Love move before the season but now that he has that contract, let’s avoid that.

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