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Lewis Hamilton: ‘I’m Just Getting Started’

Lewis Hamilton F1

Lewis Hamilton has insisted that he is only just getting started after he created history at the Turkish Grand Prix, where he won a record-equalling seventh world title, drawing level with the great Michael Schumacher. Lewis Hamilton has now joined the legendary Michael Schumacher on winning 7 drivers’ championship titles, ahead of Juan Manuel Fangio (5), Alain Prost (4) and Sebastian Vettel (4). The debate has always been if Lewis Hamilton is better than Michael Schumacher; statistically, the answer would …

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Welcome Back to Formula 1’s Best New Circuit of the 21st Century

Formula 1s Best New Circuit

Welcome Back to The Best New Circuit of the 21st Century! For the third round in a row, next weekend’s race will take place on a circuit that was not included in recent year. The unique 2020 season, partly thrown together once the championship had already begun, sees a return to Istanbul Park, a circuit which saw a lot of excitement between 2005 and 2011. Most additions to the Formula 1 circus in the past twenty years have been designed …

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Lewis Hamilton Makes Grand Prix History in Portugal

Lewis Hamilton Makes Grand Prix History in Portugal

Lewis Hamilton wins the Portuguese Grand Prix A standing ovation from the gathered crowds at the Portuguese Grand Prix marked Lewis Hamilton’s newest entry into the history books.  As of today, he is the holder of Formula 1’s all-time win record, previously held by Michael Schumacher.  He now stands alone among the other record-breakers in the history of Formula 1. Yet it could have been very different.  Although he finished first at one point, he dropped to third place – …

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Formula 1’s Curious Statistical History in Portugal

Formula 1s Curious Statistical History in Portugal

The Return of Portugal – A Country with Curious F1 Stats The Formula 1 2020 season has been unique in some ways. The intensity of doubleheaders at the same venue and having the opening eleven races in barely three months has quickly made up for the agonisingly long wait during the height of the pandemic. In other ways, it has been a case of normal service resumed; Mercedes continuing their domination of the sport has given us a sense of …

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Russian GP – Race Preview

Russian GP

Russian Grand Prix can be a boring race so let’s hope this race gets off to a great start. The only memory I have of the Russian GP is Valtteri Bottas letting Lewis Hamilton win. Last race at Mugello was an exciting race. With two red flags and one horrible crash. And Ferrari 1000 celebration wasn’t the best either, but that might be because of the strict rules now during COVID 19. So I am happy they had a celebration. …

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When Did Formula One Begin?

When Did Formula One Begin

If you ask virtually anyone the world over a simple question – “What is Formula One” they will probably get the answer correct.  It’s a car race!  Even though that might be a very simple reply (a better answer would be it’s the highest class of international single-seater auto-racing!) there is another question that will probably stump them.  That question is “When did Formula One begin?”. In order to answer the question properly we need to go back in time.  …

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Tuscan GP: Previewing F1 Mugello

Tuscan GP

Race preview  This week its the 1000 race for Ferrari its a big week for the Italian team. So they changed the car’s livery and the driver’s suits. It has also been proving to be a fast circuit with many flat corners.  With only one DRS zone, this track is going to be hard to overtake other drivers. But with people who love fast cars and fast racing, this circuit is perfect for us.  Biggest Surprise  I think this weekend’s …

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Why Valtteri Bottas will lose his seat 2022?

Valtteri Bottas

A big team in F1 wants to have two top-quality drivers. I don’t think both Mercedes drivers are world-class. Mercedes have won 6 world championships! One with Nico Rosberg and 5 with Lewis Hamilton. During 2017, 2018, and 2019 season Valtteri Bottas hasn’t been near Lewis Hamilton’s level. Let’s compare Valtteri Bottas and Nico Rosberg. The former world champion Nico won 9 races in 2016 alone while Valtteri hasn’t won the same amount in all those years. The truth is …

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Lewis Hamilton wins British Grand Prix Despite Puncture

lewis hamilton puncture british grand prix

Lewis Hamilton and drama – the two words seem to go hand-in-hand. Today was no exception as Hamilton finished the British Grand Prix despite having a puncture in the last lap. At the half-way point the front left tyre failed on the Mercedes driver’s machine. It looked as if it was all over for him but extraordinarily he persisted and was ultimately victorious leaving Max Verstappen of Red Bull in desultory second place. As he glided over the finish line, …

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Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen?

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Charles Leclerc or Max Verstappen: Who Will Win Their Maiden World Championship First? Formula One desperately needed a spark, and the 2019 season duly delivered. While the nature of Mercedes’ dominance had seen the sport come under fire in recent years, the emerging battle between Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen has helped to reignite global interest in top tier open-wheel racing. With such intrigue surrounding both drivers, let’s consider who is more likely to be the first to claim their maiden world …

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Will the 2020 F1 eSports Series Rival 2019’s Success?

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Last year’s F1 eSports Series was the most successful of its kind. Viewership rose by 76% compared to 2018 for a total of 5.8 million. On Social media, the competition attracted 169 million impressions, as per reports by formula1.com. Buoyed by a growing interest in young F1 fans, Formula One made a promise to invest more resources toward eSports in 2020 and beyond. But what are the chances the new series is headed in the right direction? F1’s Determination Back …

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Mexican Grand Prix Clips Ricciardo’s Wings

jjj e1540788530648

Today’s Grand Prix was everything an F1 race should be: overtaking, tire strategies, close calls. Exciting. Wonderful. Unless you’re a fan of poor, beleaguered Daniel Riccardo. Despite a beautiful qualifying session, where he earned the coveted Pole Position at the last minute, Daniel Ricciardo was yet again left with a DNR for the Mexico GP. Daniel has the most DNRs in fact. Sadly, eight this season. After several laps fighting off a charging Vettel with fresh tires, Daniel was overtaken …

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F1: Renault signs Daniel Ricciardo for 2019

Daniel Ricciardo

Seven won Grand Prix and 29 times on the podium. Enough for Renault to choose Daniel Ricciardo as a new racer for the next two seasons. After Red Bull Racing announced Daniel Ricciardo would not renew his contract with the team, Renault officially confirmed the signing of the 29-year-old australian driver. “”It was probably one of the most difficult decisions to take in my career so far” Ricciardo said. “But I thought that it was time for me to take …

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F1 : Magnussen say “We can beat Renault”

magnussen F1

Having earned 39 points in this first half of season and finding himself ninth in the Championship, Kevin Magnussen is carrying high the flag of the American team. The Dane entered the top ten in six of the first ten races and despite being satisfied with the development of the team, is determined to get more. In addition, the 25-year-old was convinced that he could also be ahead of Renault, Haas’s direct rival for fourth place and just ahead in …

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Lewis Hamilton revitalised by dominant Spanish GP win


Lewis Hamilton said his dominant Spanish Grand Prix victory had revitalised him after he endured a difficult start to the F1 season, Mercedes saw their driver romp home to claim the win in Spain. Hamilton blasted out from the blocks from pole position and lead the pack until the finish, has now picked up a a 17-point advantage in the championship leading his arch-rival Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel, who finished fourth. Sebastian Vettel looked likely to finish second behind the Brit, …

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Nico Rosberg Retires Five Days after Winning the World Title

nico rosberg retires

Nico Rosberg, this year’s Formula One world champion, has surprised many on announcing his retirement just five days after winning the coveted title. The German ace driver made the shocking announced on Friday 2nd December, 2016. Exactly five days after beating Hamilton to clinch his very first world title. Nico, born on the 27th June of 1985 is a renowned racing driver who championed the Williams F1 Team for three years (From 2006 to 2009), before joining the Mercedes’ Formula One team in 2010 where he stunned …

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Way Too Soon Predictions for F1 2016

sainz ricard

Way Too Soon Predictions This is the week that the fancy dust covers come off and the teams get shipped to Barcelona at the weekend for the first F1 test of the new season, so what better time to throw out some wildly speculative predictions for the 2016 Formula 1 season. Who will win the Driver’s Championship? Last year I didn’t have any doubt that Lewis was going to come in and defend his title because only Rosberg could’ve challenged …

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The Lost Champions

Jules Bianchi

The Japanese Grand Prix has just marked the one year anniversary of the accident which injured young driver Jules Bianchi. The accident was one which Jules would never wake from and on the 17th of July this year he died, succumbing to his injuries. He became the first F1 driver to die on track since Ayrton Senna back in 1994. Unlike Ayrton however Jules will never be a F1 world champion, a young driver on the rise who will never …

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Hungarian Grand Prix Review

hungarian grand prix f1

It was a good day for: Vettel & Ferrari Vettel showed his supreme race craft on Sunday, managing his race from the front and never looking like he would be challenged for the race victory. Even the safety car restart was executed extremely well. The Ferrari team too can be pleased with the performance of their car, which shows that the development race is crucial for top teams to begin putting some pressure on the Mercedes monopoly atop the Constructors …

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Rewrite the Formula


On the heels of the Le Mans 24h and the Austrian Grand Prix the news surrounding F1 is all about how the sport needs to change and what is being done for the raft of rule changes that are supposedly coming in 2017. It’s a pretty damning for the sport that spectacle, the actual racing, is at the forefront of the discussion but without anyone mentioning the races. No one is really talking about anything except what needs to be …

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