Greater Than A Captain: Siya Kolisi

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In today’s rugby world, Siya Kolisi is far more than just a name. The humble South African Rugby World Cup-winning Captain has warmed plenty of hearts globally and continues to do so for his fellow country, South Africa.

After the Rugby World Cup Final in 2019, Siya expressed his love for his country by saying: “South Africa, this is for you.”

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The Kolisi Foundation:

Following the success of The Springboks Rugby World Cup 2019 triumph, Siya Kolisi, and his wife, Rachel Kolisi, took the initiative to create a foundation. The Kolisi’s founded The Kolisi Foundation in March 2020, during the global pandemic of Covid-19. The Kolisi Foundation was created to assist vulnerable South African households and individuals who combat the struggle of poverty daily and has so far, been an inspiring success!

Many of us can recall the success story of how Siya Kolisi faced plenty of extreme challenges from a young age and grew up to become “the first black test Captain in 128 years of South African rugby”. Despite his background, Siya Kolisi has become a respectable philanthropist and given back to disadvantaged communities, whilst fighting against inequality.

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South African Statistics:

Asides from being painted the beautiful rainbow nation, South Africa faces numerous challenges every day and even today. Statistics have shown a large number of individuals are currently affected by the Covid-19 virus in South Africa, and many have lost employment, due to the recession of businesses losing their income.

In addition to this, South Africa is uniting to fight against femicide where innocent women lose their lives due to Gender-Based Violence, let alone the ongoing battle against inequality and poverty.

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A Captain’s Success:

Following the success of The Springboks on the 2nd November 2019, there are so many positives to mention the success of the Rugby World Cup Final victory. Siya Kolisi became the first black rugby captain to lift The William Webb Ellis trophy. Most importantly, South Africa’s captain was able to spread a new message of hope for the youth of his fellow countrymen and women:

“If we work together and strive to be better, each and every day, we can achieve anything.”

Despite Siya’s tough upbringing, his rugby talents were able to help him achieve where he is today. Those who allowed Siya to further his talents at a greater rugby platform will forever be recognised for their generosity.

As many talented young rugby players in South Africa also struggle to pursue their rugby talents at a higher level due to facing extreme circumstances, The Kolisi Foundation assists those who are in such circumstances and join the fight against inequality in South Africa.

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How To Get Involved:

The Kolisi Foundation, led by Captain Siya and his beloved wife Rachel, has become one of the latest organisations in making a substantial change for vulnerable communities all over South Africa.

The Kolisi family welcomes us to be part of their change and get involved with their initiative. If you feel that you would like to be part of the change please feel free to donate and help a family who is in need, using the link below:


By doing so, you would be directly supporting The Kolisi Foundation and be a part of their difference.

“By remembering the one, one by one we will impact the nation.”

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Writer’s Gratitude:

On behalf of all fellow South Africans, I would like to take a moment to personally thank the Kolisi family for bringing hope to our civilians who are in need. Siya and Rachel, you have inspired many, locally and internationally. Your success and generosity speak volumes and your kindness will be rewarded in abundance. Thank you, Siya and Rachel, for being the inspiration this country needs during these challenging times.

Siya, you will forever be known as far more than just a sports hero. You are greater than a captain; you are a hero.

I support The Kolisi Foundation and will continue to strive to make our society a better place. Do you?

Let us know in the comments below what your thoughts are on The Kolisi Foundation and be sure to follow us on @worldinsport for more rugby-related news!

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