Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez given 6 months in prison

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A Madrid court has sentenced Bayern Munich defender Lucas Hernandez to six months in prison for disobeying a restraining order following a 2017 conviction of domestic violence against his wife.

A court document released on Wednesday said Hernandez, 25, had been denied an appeal by a criminal court in Madrid against a previous suspended prison sentence for defying the restraining order.

The document said the France international had been denied the appeal as he had been given two previous criminal sentences, both relating to the February 2017 incident.

In 2017, Hernandez, then an Atletico Madrid player, was charged after he and his girlfriend got in an altercation that landed her in hospital with minor injuries. He was sentenced to 31 days of community service.

He was also given a restraining order preventing him from being within 500 metres of his partner, who was also given 31 days of community service for violence, assault and damage to property.

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Upon return to Madrid, Hernandez was arrested for violating the restraining order and in 2019, he was handed a six-month jail sentence.

The court has now rejected Hernandez’s appeal against that sentence and ordered him to return to Madrid due to his status as a repeat offender.

He has been ordered to attend court in Madrid on Oct. 19, from which he has 10 days to voluntarily enter prison.

Hernandez has appealed against the latest order.

Neither Hernandez nor Bayern Munich have commented yet.

Hernandez made his professional debut for Atletico in 2014 before joining Bayern in 2019 for €80 million. He has made 29 appearances for France, winning the 2018 World Cup and lifting the 2021 UEFA Nations League trophy on Sunday.

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