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Hiring of Hue Jackson Earns High Marks

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For once, a move made by the Cleveland Browns has made sense to much of the league, as well as the general public.

Earlier today, Hue Jackson (formerly of the Cincinnati Bengals) was hired to be the new head coach by owner Jimmy Haslam. With stints in Atlanta, Washington and Cincinnati as an offensive coordinator, as well as a year coaching the Raiders, Jackson brings in a level of coaching that hasn’t been seen by Browns fans in a long time.

In fact, Jackson is one of only two coaches that has been brought in by the Browns in the last 30 years who has previous head coaching experience.

The other coach? Eric Mangini.

Browns fans know all too well how the regime of the “Mangenius” went down. This hire by Haslam has impressed many, since he so aggressively pursued a proven coach like Jackson. So aggressively that Haslam actually skipped the owners meeting held in Houston.

The incoming Jackson is known to be a very offensive minded coach who helps offenses thrive. Even with over 4,000 pass yards and 1,500 rush yards as a team this year, the Cleveland offense always seems to be looking for a spark.

Jackson can provide just that.

With the credentials that Jackson brings, there is reason to celebrate in the northeastern region of Ohio. This decision was made quickly, and without unnecessary drama. Something that plagued the Browns over the last two seasons.

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For now, fans will have to wait and see if the newly hired Jackson will bring Cleveland the spark they so desperately need.

But at least this move didn’t leave fans across Ohio scratching their heads.

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