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Divisional Playoff Preview

After what was a bizarre wild card weekend, from failed 27 yard kicks, a complete shut-out in Houston, or even all the road teams winning for the first time in NFL history, it wasn’t what you would call your average set of playoff games. Although, the good news is we now have the divisional round upon us beginning Saturday, and there are sure to be better games then.

First match up we have is Chiefs at Patriots. While the Patriots look to go for back-to-back super bowls, Andy Reid and the gang look to stop them to prove that they are the real deal. While most people believe that the Patriots are completely unstoppable, I would have to disagree.

I think the Chiefs defense is booming this year. With names like Eric Berry and Marcus Peters, that Chiefs secondary is sure to give Brady and his crew a run for their money. Tom Brady isn’t new to this kind of tough defense is the postseason, though. Last year, he outlasted the Legion Of Boom and the Seahawks and won his fourth Super Bowl. I’d say this will be a great game to watch. Final score; Chiefs 20 – Patriots 27

Next up on Saturday night, we have Green Bay at Arizona. Looking at their match up on week 16, I guess you can say that it was a complete blow out. 38-8 isn’t something the Packers should be taking lightly, playing them again in the postseason.

Last week, Rodgers threw for 210 yards and 2 touchdowns. Now, it would be unfair to say that Rodgers hasn’t had a lot of help from his receivers, but he needs to step it up if he wants any chance of winning this weekend. The Cardinals have both a dynamic offense and defense, being lead by Carson Palmer who’s hungry for a Super Bowl this year.

Being 4th in passing yards and 2nd in touchdowns this year, Palmer is having nothing less than a spectacular year. I’d say the Packers put up more of a fight this time, but fall short of moving on. Final score; Packers 10 – Cardinals 30

On Sunday, we have Seattle at Carolina. After a fairy-tale like season, the Panthers look for their first divisional postseason win since 2005. Being led by Cam Newton, he really put things together for his team this year. Coming off of an under .500 season, he really motivated his team to do better. Although, on the other side of the pigskin, we have a team who’s very familiar with the post season.

Since being under coach Pete Carroll, they’ve only failed to reach the playoffs once with him, and he’s also brought a Super Bowl to the organization.

Looking back at the regular season, the Panthers were easily the better team, but in the postseason, the Seahawks always seem to put it together. I think the Panthers win only if Cam does what Cam has done all season; win football games. Final score; Seahawks 14 – Panthers 17

For the last game, we have the Steelers visiting the Broncos. The last time this match up happened, Tim Tebow was there quarterback, and they won off of an 80 yard pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime. Although, this time around, we don’t have Tebow, but Manning; Peyton, that is. While he hasn’t been to hot this season, I think after his surgery he’ll be better, and also bring a spark to this Broncos offense.

To have a chance, they’ll need to exploit the Steelers secondary, (which has been weak all season), and utilize their receivers. Pittsburgh, though, is coming in with bad shape as injuries has been their number 1 problem all season. For this game, DeAngelo Williams is questionable, along with two of their other biggest players, Big Ben and Antonio Brown.

Reports on Ben show that he has torn ligaments in his shoulder, and a sprained AC joint. If the Steelers want to win, they need everyone healthy and need to especially focus and their defense, as their offense always seems to do well. Final score; Steelers 24 – Broncos 21


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