Is betting on golf getting more popular?

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Updated: Apr 22, 2022

In 2022, there are numerous forms of entertainment, each of them vying for our attention. This can mean that forms of entertainment that have become complacent can dip in popularity. This is not the case with golf betting online however as it appears to be more popular than ever. In our opinion, golf is one of the best sports to bet on and we will briefly explain why it has become many people’s favorite.

Golf Is A Game Of Variables

If you are a fan of individual sports such as tennis you can turn on a match knowing that the idea of an upset is almost unthinkable. The thought of Novak Djokovic losing in the first round of Wimbledon can almost be dismissed as fairytale stuff. While in a golf tournament you will get lesser-known players winning tournaments all the time. This is what makes golf betting so fun. Sure, there are great players who look like they should add to the majors they have already won in the near future, but you will always get some unknown pro competing at the top of the leaderboard. This leads many betters to think that they can strike it lucky with a long shot with high odds.

Even The Favorites Have High Odds

If you wanted to place a bet on The Masters or The British Open some non-golfing fans would expect the favorites to have small odds on them picking up the trophy. The truth is that sometimes the favorite for a major can have odds in the region of 10/1 or even higher. This is because predicting who could win one stand-alone tournament is extremely tough. Sure, one player might be better than the other but on a given week their form can outshine everybody else. The standard now is higher than it ever has been and arguably every player inside the world’s top 50 will feel they have a major in them.

You Can Play A Bet On Multiple Golf Players And Still Make Profit

With the odds being as attractive as they are you could theoretically bet on 10 players and still make money in the event that one of them wins. You could bet on 10 well-known players and give yourself a great chance of winning or you could bet on several long shots hoping that you will be left celebrating on Sunday evening. Watching the final few holes of a golf tournament can be thrilling and many keen bettors are taking to wager on their mobile on a growing number of apps that have golf betting available. All respected sites should have good coverage and betting options for golf tournaments especially when there is a major on. The two most popular golfing events of the year to bet on are The Masters and The British Open.

Tips For Betting on The Golf

When you are going to place a bet on golf there are several things that need to be considered. These are the course, the players, the conditions, and the status of the event. For example, whenever there is a major being played, we always back the brilliant Brooks Koepka as he is made of strong stuff but when there is a high scoring course on the menu, we might tend to focus on the larger hitters on the tour such as Dustin Johnsonand Bryson Dechambeau

As alluded to before golf is a game of high variables but you can select a group of players you believe suit the course and the conditions the game will be played in. You can’t always win at golf betting, but you can have a lot of fun with it for sure.


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