My Newcastle United Takeover Takeaway…

Newcastle United

When will this ever end?

Now the Premier League will no longer be a competition for the top 4. City, Chelsea and Newcastle will be the permanent top 3 with Utd most likely be perennial fighters with Liverpool for 4th place… How exciting…

As an Arsenal fan, I can no longer dream of building a team (as we’re trying to now) that will be able to compete for the title by buying and nurturing young talent. Before that could ever become a reality, the players will almost certainly be snapped up by these richest clubs.

People will cite the tremendous Leicester City title win as proof that it could happen, and it could. But what happened to the Leicester team straight after the brilliant win? They were asset stripped of players, only managing to hang onto Jamie Vardy (which was quite a feat, but down to him being one of the loyal players left in the game)

I’m happy for the Newcastle United fans, who have had 14 years of the dreadful ownership of ‘My-Cash-ley’, but the damage to a club like ours is going to be felt until the day comes when we too can get bought out by faceless billionaire states.

Isn’t this just another way to get a European Super League? It will be in the not too distant future, the very same teams competing in the Champions League every single season because of the top 5 European leagues having the same teams dominate them every single season due to the ownership of the clubs.

Am I writing this because I’m jealous? Because my club is looking like it’s being left further and further behind? Because the Premier league has ceased to be a competition for the majority? Because teams like mine will start to rest players in the big games so we can try to win one of the cups?

Yes, all of the above.

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