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Tour de France Quiz

This quiz is about the Tour de France; the answers will appear at the end of the quiz, see how well you know the Tour de France and its history.

1) When was the first Tour de France held.
a) 1900; b) 1905; c) 1903; d) 1910

2) What year was the 100th Tour de France.
a) 2000; b) 2010; c) 2015; d) 2013.

3) Does the Tour de France always start in France
a) True; b) False

4) How many rest days are there in the Tour de France.
a) 2; b) 5; c) 0; d) 3.

5) Is the Tour de France the world’s longest cycle race.
a) True; b) False.

6) How many riders have died during the Tour de France
a) 1; b) 4; c) 5; d) 2.

7) How many riders have won the Tour de France five times.
a) 3; b)1; c) 4; d)5.

8) Where does the Tour de France finish.
a) Eiffel Tower; b) The Louvre; c) Arc de Triomphe; d) Champs-Elysees.

9) What is the first day of the Tour de France called.
a) The big Start; b) A mass Start; c) The Start; d) Has no Name.

10) What colour is the “Sprinters Jersey”.
a) Yellow; b) Polka Dot; c) Green; d) White.

11) Which country has won the most Tour de France’s.
a) Belgian; b) Spanish; c) English; d) French.

12) In what year did the first American rider win the Tour de France.
a) 1986; b) 1985; c) 1990; d) 1988.

Answers: 1) c; 2) d; 3) b; 4) a; 5) a; 6) b; 7) c; 8) d; 9) a; 10) c; 11) d; 12) a.


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