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Unique Betfair Football Trading Techniques

Football betting and trading are two different terms in the recent bookmakers world. It is because the bookies have started finely trimming the margins than before. Technology plays a significant role in increased internet speed, getting connected with football matches just with the mobile device from any part of the world, etc.

Trading has proved to be profitable than betting due to the arrival of many betting exchanges.

Introduction to Football Trading

You must visit the bookmaker site to know about Betfair, the best betting exchange that made football trading very popular. Football trading allows you to lock a small profit and you can move on. Bookies suggest that Betfair prices work wonders based on the probability.

Different Types of Betfair Trading Strategies

According to the bookies, you can have several types of Betfair trading strategies namely:

Pre-match – This type of trading is otherwise called as scalping, and you can look for the movement in price even before a game begins. The market will guess the probable line and then fix the price accordingly. The scalpers will pounce on the price quickly and lock the profit.

In-play – This strategy lets the trader win significant profit with lower risk, and it is becoming popular in the recent years. For example, when you wish to support Liverpool, then you can wait for 20 minutes to check their winning chances and goal making possibilities. If you find them good to go, then back them using a higher trading value.

Going in-play – You must know that this trading strategy can be applied after observing the game and it takes time compared to betting.

Betfair Trading Techniques

First, get into the bookies before you start trading. Know about Betfair fixtures and shortlist the match that would interest you.

Set a Plan

Once you look at the details and plan your day, you must also set a goal to become successful in trading. Start with pre-match trading and with less investment, learn the best trading ways. Slowly focus on in-play when you understand the match better. Do not chase a loss and learn to take things quickly. In case none of the fixtures you planned gives you any fruit, still it’s ok as you can provide a try the next time.


Yes, as mentioned in the title of unique trading strategy with Betfair according to bookmakers are developing patience. For that reason, do not wait for the best trading chance, but decide on the best trading and wait till your position opens.

Let’s look at an example of a first half lay the draw trade.

Scratch and Win

For those who think that scratch trading is disappointing, then you must change your thought process as they are the winners.

Take an example, consider that you’re backing Manchester City for a victory and they’re leading with 1-0. When you look at the statistics, you may understand that the team hardly allows any goals late in games. Moreover, you will witness that the opponents will have a lean time in front of goal.

Now, you must logically lay enough profit and when City win is scratched, you can make more profit. On an equaliser on the last kick, you may feel disappointed, but still feel glad that you managed a free bet on City. Moreover, you won the stake. Therefore, scratching will help you gain money in football trading.


Always accept that Betfair football trading is not just about winning but to avoid losses and you can gain profit in parallel. Focus on preventing loss and the rest is taken care.

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