10 NFL Rookie Players to Consider for your DFS Roster

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Star players and reliable veterans are always the priority pick. It’s an instinct move for fantasy managers to get a better roster. But for most, especially with starters, they are usually in the unfortunate spot for picking it. They are in situations where these expected players are not on the selection. Sometimes, their chances of picking these players were already snatched by others during drafts or trades.

This incident could be remedied by thorough research on NFL players and making strategies for drafting. Regarding strategies, you can gain an advantage by checking out DFS tips and status on bookies. If you are about to build your fantasy roster or enter an upcoming draft, considering rookies on your lineup is a bonus. They have longer opportunities to play while still improving their performance in their game.

Thus, watch out for these rookie players in the selection that you might include in your roster.

Clyde Edwards-Helaire (RB – Kansas City Chiefs)

Edwards-Helaire is ranked 1st in the Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings on Fantasy Pros and 46th on Top 100 Fantasy Football Players on Lineup. He projected 204 points so far in this season. His 14-time rush for 69 yards and 2 touchdowns contributed to the team to win against Las Vegas Raiders last Week 11.

Jonathan Taylor (RB – Indianapolis Colts)

Jonathan Taylor is next to Edwards-Helaire in the Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings with 243.8 points projected for this season. He was also on the Lineup’s Top 100 Fantasy Football Players, who ranked 86th. Last Week 11, the Colts were able to win against the Green Bay Packers with Taylor’s rushed 90 yards and 4 receptions for 24 yards. He expects himself to perform another terrific play in their upcoming game against the Titans in Week 12.

CeeDee Lamb (WR – Dallas Cowboys)

Lamb is in 4th place in the Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings, currently projected 104.2 points this season. Last Sunday’s Week 11, he caught 4 targets for 34 yards and a touchdown that gave the Cowboys the victory over the Minnesota Vikings.

Jerry Jeudy (WR – Denver Broncos)

Jeudy is ranked 6th in the Fantasy Football Rookie Rankings and projected 96.3 points so far for this season. He is 4th among rookie receivers with 728.5 yards in his current record. With the Broncos won over Miami Dolphins last Sunday, Jeudy contributed with his catch on 3 targets in 37 yards in that game.

Justin Jefferson (WR – Minnesota Vikings)

Jefferson is ranked 9th on the fantasy rookie rankings, with 91 points projected in this season. He scored with 3 targets for 86 yards and a touchdown last Week 11. Still, the team was defeated by the Dallas Cowboys.

Tee Higgins (WR – Cincinnati Bengals)

Higgins is currently placed at 11th in the rookie rankings with 63.3 points in this season. Even though the Bengal lost to the Washington Football Team, his performance with 3 target catches with 26 yards were decent and will be a potential move against New York Giants in Week 12 .

Antonio Gibson (RB – Washington Football Team)

Gibson got the 22nd place in the rankings with 134.8 points projected as of now. He had a good performance against the Cincinnati Bengals last Week 11, with his rush move for 94 yards for 16 times, a touchdown, and caught 1 target for 10 yards that contributed to the team winning the game.

Chase Claypool (WR – Pittsburgh Steelers)

Claypool is in the 23rd in the Fantasy Rookie Rankings and projected 56.7 points so far this season. He performed well in his plays with 4 caught targets for 59 yards and a 31-yard touchdown in that easy-win game for the team against the Jacksonville Jaguars last Week 11.

Justin Herbert (QB – Los Angeles Chargers)

Herbert is placed on 24th in the rankings with 78.7 points so far. His last play against New York Jets was the highest peak performance in his career, and now he’s a candidate for Rookie of the Year. He had 37 passes for 366 yards with 11 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns that led the Chargers to win over the Jets in Week 11.

James Robinson (RB – Jacksonville Jaguars)

Robinson gains 59th place in the Fantasy Rookie Rankings, with 70.9 points projected during this season. Despite the Jaguars’ standings at worse, Robinson still managed to play well. At the Jaguars’ lost game against the Pittsburgh Steelers last Sunday, he caught 2 passes for an additional 21 yards and rushed 17 times for 73 yards.


Stepping up your Daily Fantasy Sports football team will take time and commitment by observing on football players’ abilities. Take heed of every player on the lineup with its reserve or substitute. Whether a player will have its team’s bye week or due to an injury incident, having promising rookies will be a preferable option.

Getting progress on managing your line up will sure-fire your strategic plays. It might get you competitive and aim for the top. While you’re at it, have fun playing with your fantasy football roster.

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