5 Cool Reasons You Should Consider Collecting Baseball Cards

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Collecting baseball cards was a traditional activity that kids usually did. Initially, sports cards were distributed by tobacco companies in order to make more sales. Later, as baseball gained more popularity, companies started creating them and selling them individually. Today we can buy these cards from the market or eBay. Although collecting cards is not an ordinaryhobby people enjoy in today’s age of social media, let us provide you with some reasons why you should start collecting baseball cards.

1. It’s an Investment

This may come as a shocker to most of you, but baseball cards are a source of investment. We have all heard how old comic books and even dolls sell for thousands of dollars, and this case is no different from baseball cards. In March 2016, someone discovered seven T206 Ty Cobb baseball cards in the trash which were worth a whopping $1 million. Furthermore, in 1977 someone purchased a T206 Honus Wagner card for $1500. When sold 40 years later, the card was worth more than $1 million. These examples should give you a good idea of how valuable these sports cards can be, hence a good reason to start a collection of your own.

2. They Make for Great Conversation

Most men are crazy about sports; we have all seen that enthusiasm and zeal in their eyes when they talk about the match they watched the night before and wager on which team is likely to win a match to come. This is proof of how much men (and even some women) value sports, and having collectibles or other sports merchandise is a great icebreaker that will lead to a passionate and flowy conversation. Needless to say, discussions are a great way of exchanging knowledge so you can be sure of enhancing your current knowledge.

3. Improves Self-Esteem

Yes, as a matter of fact, collecting cards does strengthen your self-esteem. You may be wondering how this is possible. Well, we already mentioned above how sports memorabilia can lead to conversations. When conversations take place, knowledge is bartered. Overtime, you feel yourself to be more and more skilled in a particular area, in this case, baseball and baseball cards. This knowledge then allows you to become an expert in a specific field. Hence, you can impart this knowledge to others who have a similar interest in the sport or to someone looking to becoming a card collector.

4. Reduces Depression

Depression is a medical illness, that is, many people worldwide today. Collecting cards is a hobby, and having a hobby is great because it helps to reduce depression. Possessing a hobby gives us a sense of worth and belonging. We get a feeling of wanting to engage ourselves in the thing we like to do. Studies have shown that people who have a hobby are at a lower risk of developing dementia as well. Moreover, collecting cards, in particular,involves researching for which card/s are worth adding to your collection and sorting cards in order of value. These things keep you occupied and allow your brain to work and process information.

5. It’s Fun

If you never collected cards before, then you should give this hobby a shot. You will come to realize quite quickly how fun and cool this can be. If you have other friends that collect cards, you can barter cards and even get an idea of how you should carry out a collection in case you are new to this field. Moreover, it’s always exciting to open a fresh new pack of cards to see what you get. You can even get autographed cards from eBay. Don’t take forever and take part in this fun hobby and become a master of this sport and its legendary players.

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