5 Cricket Records That Will Never Be Broken

Don Bradman 1930 1

Records are meant to be broken but these cricket records are impossible to be broken.

5.Highest Score by a Nightwatchman

Professional cricketers spend plenty of their lives bored out of their minds, frustratedly standing in fields watching the opposition batting.

So, it would be interesting to know what was going through the Bangladesh fielders’ minds as Australia’s nightwatchman Jason Gillespie clocked up a remarkable unbeaten 201 runs in their 2006 test match

He finished his career with a useful tailender’s average of 19.59, but this almost unbelievable innings in Chittagong will be hard to top.

Especially given that a nightwatchman’s primary job is simply to occupy the crease for a few overs at the end of the day.

  1. Most Overs Bowled by a Bowler in Single Innings

Sonny Ramadhin must have needed an ice bath after his Herculean efforts against England in 1957 at Edgbaston.

The spinner managed to churn out a staggering 98 overs in the second innings, the highest-ever sum of overs bowled by a single bowler in one inning.

The nearest anyone has come of late is when Zimbabwe’s Ray Price ground through 79 overs in a 2001 Test match against South Africa.

3.Most Carrer Runs

The legendary Sir Jack Hobbs is one of England’s greatest ever batsmen and also the most prolific run-getter in the history of the sport.

In an epic career that started in 1905 and finished in 1934, the man known as “The Master” scored over 60,000 runs, which included 199 centuries (another record).

There just aren’t enough games these days to get near those levels, so these records will last until the end of time.

2.Shortest-Ever Test Match

You would have been disappointed if you had tickets for the fifth day of the 1932 Test match between Australia and South Africa at Melbourne.

And the fourth, and third and even the second day for that matter, as the action was all over in five hours and 53 minutes on a treacherous wicket.

South Africa was dismissed for 36 and 45 and fell to an innings defeat against Australia’s huge total of 153 with Bert Ironmonger taking 11 for 24. These days, the match would most likely have been called off.

1.Highest Career Batting Average

The story about Sir Don Bradman’s last innings is the stuff of cricketing legend. After a prolific career, the Australian legend needed to score just four runs to finish with a sensational Test average of over 100.

He was bowled for a duck and finished on 99.94, which despite being a minor numerical disappointment, is by far the highest that has ever been achieved.

The second-best Test average from a completed career is Graeme Pollock’s 60.97.

But Bradman’s talent has simply made him a statistical anomaly that will never be topped by anyone who plays a significant quantity of games.

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