4 Major Bugs in IPL Schedule 2020

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Last year, champion Mumbai Indians played good cricket

Pandemic has made everything different and difficult. From grocery market to stadiums every single thing is now under restriction and guidelines. As a fanatic cricket fan, I was depressed when series were cancelled one after another. The site I used to play fantasy cricket, gave me a full refund after got cancelled. It was pathetic. IPL was cancelled and later rescheduled. As of current negotiation, IPL is to be held in September. The schedule can cause some problems, let’s see them.

  • Venue : United Arab Emirates

IPL is the biggest T20 cricket championship in the world. It has even surpassed Big Bash League in terms of its popularity. IPL is normally scheduled in April, but this year everything has changed. BCCI had made the decision to place the IPL tournament in United Arab Emirates. The first bug is the venue itself. Arab is literally a hot country like other middle east regions. IPL has been played there in 2014. The hot, humid climate is a game changer. Many foreign players play IPL; for example English players can face difficulty while fielding for one and a half hours. IPL is played in India in August – May, which is the beginning of summer. Though this year IPL is going to take place in September, the climate in desert country will always be a bug. Players can get tired easily. Opening bowlers, who are likely to bowl two or three overs in a spell, will be exhausted to field.

  • IPL to be held in September:

  • Next problem which everyone is talking about is the timing. September is not a good time to host most popular t20 tournament IPL. If you follow cricket, you will know that September and October are busiest months in international cricket. Most teams do their long tours. This rescheduling of IPL is an obstruction. Why? Because of money and awards. Players who score maximum or take most wickets in every season of IPL, get a pocketful amount of money. Orange cap (for most runs scored by an individual), and purple cap (highest wicket taker) holders get US$ 14000. Not only cash, the presents are there also in form of kind (mobile phones, limited edition watches, cars and many). Most of the players will be eager to play IPL rather than international long format matches, which no one sees anymore except reporters and Netflix haters. Most importantly, players who will play in IPL, will get tired to combat in Big Bash League. Big Bash League is to take place in December 2020. Two major cricket tournament back to back is not a very comfortable schedule. In fact IPL could not be possible if T20 world cup was not decided to cancel this year. This hurried compromise will be a bug in the system.
  • Detachment from the ground


Though England is playing with West Indies, and Ireland, most of the countries like India, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia are reluctant to continue cricket matches amid pandemic. This is a right decision for the safety of people. The long absence from the ground can affect players both physically and mentally. If you consider star players from underdog countries like Rashid Khan, or Shakib-Al-Hasaan, their performance is most likely to be affected. IPL is a difficult tournament; you can not trust on one player. A good performance can boost the player’s sponsors, recognition, fame, and obviously chances. To succeed in the IPL, practice and training must be regular. I was watching an interview of Virat Kohli, and he mentioned unequivocally that practice makes one professional. It is the mantra of every cricketer. The discontinuity of the game will affect some star players’ performances.

  • After Pandemic Pandora box :

Last bug I want to point is post-Covid hullabaloo. The economy of India is shattered. A big question persists, will IPL 2020 be the same as IPL 2019? The luxurious environment and glamorous settings will not be there. The stadiums may not be filled during the middle of the IPL tournament. Transportation will also face a massive traffic. Cognitive psychologists are saying that viewers will increase in quantity, but the quality of the tournament can lead to indifference. Online fantasy games portals are also going to face difficulty because many fans are not going to place their bets after an economic crisis.

Last year we watched some best moments in the history of IPL. Do you remember Santner’s winning stroke against Rajasthan Royals? This year we only can hope that we will enjoy 2020 season of IPL like nothing has happened nowhere.

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