Constructors Drama Emerging With Four Rounds To Go

Constructors Drama Emerging With Four Rounds To Go

With four races left of the season, it means for multiple teams it comes down to whether they will gain a position in the constructors or lose a vital one right at the end, which could cost them sincerely heading into the next season.

The remaining four rounds are the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Abu Dhabi.

The race in Brazil is a sprint weekend as well meaning that there are even more points available for the taking!

Despite Verstappen already winning the Drivers Championship, Red Bull has not won the constructors championship yet, therefore meaning technically all is still to play for.

Fights between, Mercedes vs Ferrari, Alpine vs McLaren, Alfa Romeo vs Aston Martin, and finally Haas vs AlphaTauri have all been forming up, and now it comes down right to the end to see who will come out on top.

Mercedes Launch Final Attack On The Prancing Horse’s

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At the beginning of the season everyone suspected Ferrari to be the team that would end up dominating the season, seeing as at the opening round of the season at Bahrain, they secured a 1-2 for the team, leaving Red Bull and their reliability issues in the dust.

However, after the season planned out it occurred that Ferrari were the ones in fact with the reliability issues, and with four rounds to go, they are now fighting Mercedes for runners up.

But seeing as the gap between the two is 67 points, I doubt that Mercedes will be able to catch up. Yet with a combination of Ferrari’s reliability, with a bit of poor strategic decisions on the side, it wouldn’t surprise me if Mercedes could cause the massive upset that no one thought could happen.

Alpine Take On Mclaren For Fourth In The Constructors Fight

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Alpine has been a team this season that the majority of people didn’t expect to be so…good?

Most of the fanbase made their pre-season predictions and Alpine were considerably low in most of them, and no one certainly assumed that they would be able to finish above McLaren.

Yet now as we have four rounds to go, we can see that they are leading McLaren by 13 points, and look to be in a good position to claim 4th in the constructors championship. With both of the drivers having confidence in the current car, and with the McLaren being increadibly inconsistent, it appears to look like a homerun for them.

The silver lining for McLaren here is that despite them being inconsistent, Alpine have also had their weekends where they haven’t been as good or have had major car issues, such as the race in Singapore being a prime example of this.

Aston Martin Fight To The End To Snatch 6th Of Alfa Romeo

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With it being Sebs last season and Lance Stroll finding form, it appears to be nothing that will stop Aston Martin from catching the Alfa Romeo and take 6th place in the constructors off them.

At the beginning of the season we have to remember that the Alfa’s had a really strong car, and Bottas seemed to be knocking on the door off the top teams, and at some races the podium even looked reachable.

However, it seemed to be that the season started high and will end low for Alfa Romeo, with the car not getting many more upgrades, as well as the drivers starting the struggle, it looks like Aston Martin will reach their target.

Sebastian Vettlel I am sure is also determined to end his Formula 1 career in the best way possible, and push Aston Martin to the levels that we all know the team can reach. His last race in Suzuka he achieved 6th place earning a vital 8 points for the team.

Steiner’s Men Take On AlphaTauri

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From Haas being rock bottom last season, to now fighting for 8th in the constructors championship.

Haas so far this season have scored 34 points, the exact same amount as AlphaTauri. Both teams don’t have the best of cars but they both have 2 drivers who are more than capable of scoring points.

This position in the constructors could be so beneficial to both sides, with Haas losing their title sponsor at the beginning of the season meaning the money was no longer consistently rolling in. This is why just ine singular position could help them so much, it is common knowledge that the higher up you finish in the standings for the constructors the more money the team will earn and be given.

This could be highly benefitial to the Haas team especially seeing as they were heavily suffering with financial issues at the beginning of the season, as well as also meaning they will have more money to develop and create a better car for the season upcoming.

However, the same goes for AlphaTauri, Pierre Gasly is leaving the team to join Alpine which will certainly be a step back for the team. But rumour has it that they were paid around £10-15 million by Alpine as they had to pay out Gasly for his contract, so the money that they could potentially lose from finishing lower in the constructors, they have earned via the tranfer of their driver.

A long season which has come down to the majority of the teams on the grid still fighting for a crucial position that I am sure their team bosses are urging them to achieve which could help them out for the season up ahead, but with four races to go who knows what will happen!

Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts down below, who do you think will end up on top in the constructor fight?

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