Doomsday has hit Washington after loss to Memphis

Another day, another dark defeat for the Washington Wizards. It is officially doomsday, start panicking. They were played off of the court in tonight’s 95-107 loss. It’s embarrassing to be a fan, it’s embarrassing to be part of the DC Family, and it’s even embarrassing to write about them. Never thought I would be saying that but it is right now. With that, here are the things I noticed from tonight’s game.

Doomsday has finally struck. Is it time for Ernie to blow it up?
Doomsday has finally struck. Is it time for Ernie to blow it up?

The Wizards did not get outrebounded by more than 10

Yes, you read this write. Memphis had 38 boards while Washington had 37. So, progress. Even if it is one small step at a time.

However, the leading rebounder on the team only had six boards. This was a tie between Otto Porter, Ian Mahimni, and Jason Smith.

Garrett Temple was too good

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Who could have thought? Former Wizard Garrett Temple faces them and drops 20 on 4-7 shooting from beyond the arc. At this rate, any former Wizard could probably face this team and hit three-pointers in John Wall’s face. Oh wait, John would have to care in order for that to happen.

Washington left Memphis wide open for three very often. When that happens, as seen in the past, nothing good happens. This was one of many games where the Wizards have let another team walk in and rob them of any pride and dignity they had left in them.

John Wall has to do better handling the ball

John Wall. Do us all a favor. Stop talking about how you see yourself as underrated and stop with this Summer of Separation stuff. If you played as well as you talked, no one would debate if you were an elite point guard or not. Kyrie is the better point guard and there is no question why. End of story.

When you commit nine turnovers and almost single-handedly shoot your own team in the foot, you are at the root of the issue. Sure, John had his moments as he put up 22 points and got seven assists as well as three steals but it did not change much.

So, what’s next for the doomsday Wizards?

The Washington Wizards will return to Capital One Arena to face the Oklahoma City Thunder. The Thunder just came off of a 128-110 win over the Los Angeles Clippers. Russell Westbrook and Paul George combined for 64 points and the bench played their part too. They will be on the second night of a back-to-back when they play the Wizards but they should be at good enough strength to compete with Washington.

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Right now, there are no positives with the Wizards. Talk all you want about how early on in the season it is but you are not fixing anything. You are just delaying the inevitable disappointment that Wizards fans will suffer eventually. I am sorry if I come out negative but that is just the way that it is. This team is in a doomsday scenario and there is no way for them to spiral out of it.

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