How betting can make a basketball game more than just entertainment

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A significant chunk of Americans love basketball, and each has their favourite player. For a long time now, we have seen an influx of smart, talented players who have made their presence felt, making the competition tight and thus more exciting. Every once in a while we have had the good fortune of experiencing a nail-biting final, on the edge of our seat, unable to decide who is going to win. The anticipation and the adrenaline rush of watching the perfect match are so addictive. And if you ever want to make every match as exciting, you have to try betting on basketball matches.

Profit from your love for the sport

With the convenience and simplicity provided by websites like, online gambling and sports betting are a popular form of entertainment these days. With a few bucks, you can test your luck and even earn some more. And, for people who have been following basketball and their favourite team and players for decades now, using basketball history with odds, the chances of winning are almost 100%. This way, you can turn you decades of experience and your knowledge of the game and the team into hard cash while enjoying the adrenaline-high with every match.

The nuances of betting on basketball matches

When it comes to sports betting, basketball is perhaps the easiest one of all. And for people who have an in-depth knowledge of the strength and weaknesses of the teams participating and the basketball history and stats, it is easy to predict the results. The way people play on basketball can generally be of three types:

1. Betting on the favourite/underdog

This involves the concept of the point spread, which is the handicap added to the underdog to make both the teams equal for the betting. The favourites give or lay points for the underdogs. For this type of betting, betters have to play against the point spreads and are asked to lay odds. So, say, for instance, if the odds are 11-10, you risk $11 to win $10; if you win you collect $21. Betters use their knowledge of basketball history against odds and win only if the team win by a preset number of points.

2. Betting totals

If the concept of betting on favourites and underdogs seems too risky in a given scenario, another way to monetise your basketball history is by betting totals. Here, a number for the combined score of both the teams is predicted, and the betters can bet over or under the predicted number.

3. Money line wagers

This is the option for people who don’t want to go with the above two methods. Basically, money line wagers involve predicting the winner without the point spreads. Though this concept seems simple and straightforward, these bets are generally made on the odds, and hence, if you bet on the favourites, you will be risking considerably more than what you are slated to win.

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