In such a setting, Shahid Afridi shouldn’t work: Ramiz Raja makes another attack against the Pakistan cricket board

Shahid Afridi shouldn’t be working in such a setting, according to Ramiz Raja, who has renewed his criticism of the Pakistan Cricket Board. Recently, Afridi was named Pakistan’s temporary Chief Selector.

Shahid Afridi, the interim chief selector, shouldn’t be operating in such a setting, according to Ramiz Raja, who has renewed his criticism of the Pakistan Cricket Board.

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Following Pakistan’s 3-0 Test series defeat by England at home last year, Raja was fired as PCB chairman and Najam Sethi took his position. Making Afridi the interim head selector was one of Sethi’s first significant decisions.

Afridi said he was honoured to accept the position and will do everything in his power to carry it out.

“I feel honoured to have been assigned this responsibility by the PCB Management Committee and will no stone unturned in fulfilling this responsibility to the best of my abilities.”

“We need to get back to our winning ways and I have no doubts that through meritocratic and strategic selection decisions, we will help the national side to perform strongly in the series against New Zealand and reclaim the confidence of our fans.

Raja stated that the former Pakistani captain shouldn’t currently be employed by PCB in an interview with Capital TV, as reported by Hindustan Times.

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“In my opinion, he shouldn’t work in such environment. I can only suggest this,” Ramiz Raja told Capital TV.

Raja made fun of the PCB and stated he would have done some research on the company before accepting a job when pressed to expand on his remark.

“If I have to join any institution, I’ll do a bit of research. Who is the boss, who are his subordinates, will I be comfortable or not, will I get any reward, why do I want to work, what is the purpose?” said Raja.

Angry outbursts from Raja toward PCB and Sethi are not new. After being removed from his position as chairman, the former cricketer asserted that Sethi wasn’t Pakistan cricket’s messiah.

“This Najam Sethi is tweeting 2:15am at night that Ramiz Raja has been sacked, star congratulating me. I have played Test cricket, this is my field, and it hurts to see these people from outside cricket trying to act like a Messiah. I know that their motives are non-cricketing. These people are here for the limelight.”

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