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Is the UFC taking over Boxing?

Boxing vs UFC: Why the UFC is the Winner?

Day by day it seems as though boxing is rapidly declining meanwhile the UFC is constantly breaking records on a weekly basis.

There could be several reasons for the decline of such an amazing sport. For example, the fact that we just rarely get the fights that the public wants to see such as Tyson Fury VS Anthony Joshua.

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A humongous fight for the British public but for one reason or another it never gets made and seeing the way Tyson Fury performed in his last fight going the distance and being knocked down by Francis Ngannou who has a total of 0 boxing fights I wouldn’t be surprised if we never see Tyson Fury in the ring ever again.

Another reason why I believe boxing is struggling with viewership is the fact that there are currently 17 weight classes which can cause a lot of issues when a fighter holds belts at different weight classes as it really kills that division when the champion doesn’t defend his title frequently which is difficult to do if you hold several titles.

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Now for the UFC they are well and truly taking over the combat sports world, most recently selling out Madison Square Garden this past weekend with 2 massive title fights headlining the card including our very own Tom Aspinall who is now only the third ever English UFC champion winning in devastating fashion in the first round by TKO.

A key reason for the UFC’s growth has to be one of the founders of the UFC the great Dana White. It was exactly 30 years ago today when he began to build the UFC creating a space for mixed martial artists to showcase their skills with the dream to do what boxing fails to do so often which is put on the biggest fights possible for the fans.

I also feel that the UFC currently has an abundance of superstars across several weight classes such as Jon Jones, Israel Adesanya, Sean O’Malley and of course, the one and only Conor McGregor compared to boxing where there’s a real lack of exciting fighters who can bring eyes to the sport.


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