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Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk: Who Wins?

Tyson Fury vs Oleksandr Usyk

The boxing world is still coming to terms with Tyson Fury’s controversial win over Francis Ngannou on Saturday evening.

Are we about to witness one of the biggest underdog stories in boxing history? Could boxing lose yet another super fight? These were just some of the questions that ran through the boxing public’s minds as Michael Buffer read the much-debated scorecards.

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While Tyson Fury got the nod from the judges, winning the fight by one point in a split decision.  The answer as to whether Boxing had lost yet another super fight remained unanswered. 

If someone had told me before the fight that IBF, WBA, and WBO heavyweight champion Oleksandr Usyk had faced off with Fury in the aftermath of the Ngannou fight, I would have said that everything had gone according to plan.

In reality, we got an uninspiring, treading dangerously close to an awkward face-off between the two.

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Perhaps Fury being dropped by a boxing debutant had somewhat killed the buzz for the much-anticipated showdown.

Nevertheless, despite doubts about when the two fighters will face each other, reports suggest they could be aiming for a new date in early 2024, after cancelling their original December 23rd date.

While both fighters have had exceptional careers their latest fights have both caused controversy. Fury getting dropped and narrowly winning his fight with Francis Ngannou, was as controversial as it gets. But let us not forget that Usky’s last title defence stirred up a lot of questions about the Ukranian fighter.

Usyk eventually scored a 9th-round knockout over British heavyweight contender Daniel Dubois. However, people still remember the controversial 5th round of the fight in Poland.

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A low blow from Dubois visibly hurt the Ukrainian fighter, and he dropped to the canvas in anguish. The referee would give the undefeated fighter time to recover from the illegal blow. However, upon replay, there was debate around whether the blow had been illegal or not. With Dubois’s glove landing around the belt line of Uysk.

The controversy continued after the fight with Usyk coming to the post-fight press conference and explaining the rules of what is a legal and illegal body shot, to protest his innocence. Dubois did not stop from appealing his loss to the WBA, and the WBA swiftly rejected his appeal.

Former WBA Featherweight champion Carl Frampton believes Fury is still the favourite despite his close fight with Ngannou. “I still have Fury as a favourite against Usyk”

Despite controversies, both champions have left their latest title defences still undefeated, but both have shown they are most certainly human.


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